This letter is in reference to the letter “Picture Disturbing” on Dec. 23.

The writer states seeing a 10-year-old girl with a 10-point buck was disturbing. He was even more upset that the hunter also hunts in archery season.

Archery season allows young hunters to use crossbows, which are very effective. My grandson has shot a buck with his crossbow when he was 8, 9, and, this year, 10 years old.

I find it anything but disturbing to see my grandson getting out with his father to enjoy what beauty the outdoors has to offer.

The writer also talked about seeing deer with arrows sticking in their hips and shoulders. I am sure this may happen, but in my nearly 50 years of hunting deer in archery, rifle and muzzle loader seasons, I have never seeing.

The letter could have been shortened by the writer simply saying he’s against young hunters, especially if they are female and using a bow.

Congratulations to the 10-year-old that made a lot of us older hunters jealous of her accomplishments.

Rick Edler