What the concerns were

What the many attendees at the Dec. 11 Lycoming County Commissioners meeting were concerned about was not whether Joe Reighard would be qualified to be a candidate for the Planning Commission – he clearly would be – but the fact that he was NOT a candidate, not having submitted an application or met with the Planning Commission.

Integrity requires that the County Commissioners adhere to their own process for soliciting and vetting candidates, rather than simply bestowing positions on people in their “Old Boy” network, thereby effectively cutting out the women and minorities who would provide a more diverse and representative perspective.

Mr. Hamm (Letter, Jan. 1) says that, in showing up in large numbers at the Commissioners’ open meeting, the supporters of Ms. Sosniak’s appointment were attempting to “bully and intimidate.”

But in fact the public comments portion of the meeting exists precisely to encourage citizens to bring their concerns to their representatives, and throughout our lives we are taught that democracy depends on this kind of civic engagement.

Sally Lifland Butterfield


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom