Elementary school

President Trump reminds me of elementary school when I was in 1st grade. Especially during recess. That’s when the we would have to face the intimidation and name calling of a couple of bullying 6th graders. They would saunter on over to our spot, all puffed up, shove us around a little, call us names, pull some girls pigtails, try to take our kickball. Small, petty, childish behavior.

The playground monitor might step in and ask what’s the problem? The bully would point to someone else, blame them and run off. Then, the bell rang and recess was over. I bet Trump was a playground bully extraordinaire.

You would think one would grow out of that type of behavior. There is a Bible verse that suggests when a child becomes a man he puts aside childish things. But not Trump. Childish behavior is his calling card. His typical everyday behavior. The lynchpin of his character.

Trump behaves like he is still in elementary school but has found a new playground to continue his bullying. Twitter!

Day by day, hour by hour he proves this to us. The incessant demeaning name calling on Twitter. It started on the campaign with nicknames for Bush, Rubio, Cruz, et.al. It has continued with Sessions, Mattis, Comey, Schumer, Pelosi, Biden, Warren, CNN, NYT and on and on and on.

He uses Twitter for his attacks and attempted intimidation of Michael Cohen, Cohen’s family, Mueller, Mexico, Canada, Macron, FBI, DOJ, NATO, Turkey, and dozens of others. His childish behavior never stops.

It’s time to ring the bell on Trump. Recess is over. Send him to detention for the next 2 years. Without his Twitter playground.

John Young


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom