It’s not just Trump

The behavior of our government officials is appalling. Of course, most everyone will lay the blame all on President Trump. But let’s look at the big picture.

President Trump has tried numerous times to work with the democrats. Each time they refuse. Each party needs to meet each other at least half way.

A similar situation happened in my own family. My first husband and I eloped one night. My parents were not happy, though my mother came around. My father would not.

Almost a year passed and the discord was killing me. I asked my mother to try to get my father to meet Kane (my husband) half way, if I could do the same with Kane. It worked.

Ironically, the two men became fast friends.

Kane had an extremely tough life; growing up was difficult. He was grossly misunderstood and subjected to situations no young child should ever have to face.

When he died Jan. 24, 1988, my parents were at our home. Dad stood looking at Kane, hugged his mother and cried, stating, “I just loved that boy.”

So I guess my question is: If a family can work out obstacles and differences for the better of the family, why can’t government officials work together for the better of our country?

President Trump postponed his State of the Union Speech because of the shut-down. Now Nancy Pelosi thinks she has more power and acts and feels invincible. Please, put your differences aside. Work together for the good of our country and its people.

In an ironic twist, the American people are being given a glimpse once again of what our country will be like under democratic control.

Do the democrats really have the people and country’s best interest at heart? How many paychecks have Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer gone without?

Katherine Archer Slaybaugh Shipe

Old Lycoming