When something is so obviously common sense true, a modern colloquialism is to call it a “no-brainer”, meaning that even someone with a very low I.Q. could understand. The Constitution says it this way: “We hold these truths to be self evident…” I am beginning to think that such no-brainer, self- evident, common sense truths are not so common.

When it comes to protecting the southern border, it should be a self-evident no brainer to believe that a wall is an effective deterrent but apparently not to some self proclaimed “brainiacs”! Their genius way of thinking is to say that walls are immoral and they do not work.

When it comes to protecting the life of the unborn, it should be a no-brainer, but not to the pro-abortion advocates. They think a woman must not be able to prevent herself from getting pregnant, and so must be allowed to kill this unwanted life within her, even at the point of giving birth. To their genius thinking, it is not a baby until it is wanted after it has exited the womb. Eventually they will be allowed to kill the baby after birth if it is not wanted.

When it comes to the changing weather patterns, it should be a no- brainer to understand the normal cyclical changes of a planet delicately spinning and gravitationally balanced inside a solar system, and subject to the warmth of the big ball of fire in the sky we call the sun. But to the climate change brainiacs, we can try to control the temperature of the whole world at all times without negative consequence. Anything less would upset the ecosystem even more.

It should be a no-brainer that forcing companies to pay employees an inflated minimum wage for work they perform which does not increase production and only increases the cost of doing business would only harm the economy, forcing businesses to raise prices, close their doors or hire less workers creating unemployment. But these brainiacs who want to score political points try to convince people they deserve to be paid more money without earning it.

Speaking of something for nothing, it should be a no-brainer that punishing success by excessive taxation is not the way to solve anybody’s financial problems. Only a brainiac thinks that it is okay to keep taking money away from someone who earned it and giving it to someone who did not is fair. Wealth distribution only seems fair to politicians who take credit for such genius ways of stealing, and to the people who are on the windfall end.

With all of this and more it has little to do with a person’s I.Q., but rather it does have a lot to do with what is the ethical, and moral, and principled and the right thing to do, to guide the decisions that are made, and that is common sense self evident no brainer thinking.

Keith McAndrew


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom