Response to “What Federal Government is For”

I completely agree with a letter writer that the role of the government is to serve an protect the American people. However, to help serve and protect America, our government employs millions of men and women to perform tasks that protect and serve. These Americans who work for the government did not take a vow of poverty they normal Americans with families and need paychecks to get by. Recently 800,000 federal employees went without a paycheck and approximately 400,000 of these federal employees are deemed essential. These essential employees were working hard every day to protect and serve you and me.

These are men in women who work in Corrections, Homeland Security, The Coast Guard, TSA, FDA and more. Their jobs are very demanding. They are no longer just dealing with the stress of “Am I going to survive my shift and get home to my loved ones?”. They now also have to worry, “How will my family survive without my income?”. With this added stress these men and women cannot do their jobs efficiently or effectively, this puts you and me at risk each day. It may not be the job of the government to provide jobs; however, for the government to protect and serve that requires a great deal of man power and therefore it must employ Americans.

Megan Lea

Old Lycoming Township

Submitted by E-Mail