The community bond

Community is something special. A group of people that may not know each other, but when hard times come, they are fiercely loyal to those within their community. Community is the bond that brings everyone together.

I took this for granted growing up. Perhaps it is better to say that I simply didn’t recognize what was here in my community. I was one of many young kids that swore up and down that this was the worst place in the world to live. I couldn’t wait to “grow up” and run away to start a new life somewhere else. However as fate would have it, I still live in the same community in which I grew up.

Not much has changed, there are still cliques and gossip and what-not. However, more importantly, there is still the bond that holds the community together. I experienced this bond once as a young boy, and then again very recently.

When I was a precocious third-grader, my parents home caught fire and within mere hours we were homeless. The community came together and donated so many things to help us.

Fast forward a little more than a decade, and my own family found ourselves homeless after the relentless rains caused a mudslide that rendered our home unable to be lived in. Within days word had gotten out to the community. Within days the community responded in force. Donations poured in, money was raised, and housing was found. It was quite a humbling experience.

There were people that had just experienced devastating losses to their own families that set aside whatever hurt, or sadness they felt in order to help my family and I. There were strangers that came together to help another stranger.

I am simply amazed at what this community can do when called upon. I now can see and understand why people stay in the area I couldn’t wait to run away from. We may not be blood, we may not belong to the same cliques, heck we may not even get along and yet nobody hesitates to lend a helping hand. This is the bond of community. A bond I hope my children see and appreciate.

I would like to end this by acknowledging some people that I feel truly went above and beyond: Kevin Entz, owner of Entz Trucking and Services and the great group of guys that he employs, Travis and Acacia Rogers and family, Immaculate Conception Church, Crossroads Church, Avis United Methodist Church, and finally my parents Bryan and Nancy King. I truly wish I could thank everyone that helped us in our time of need, but the fact is most of you are strangers to us. You are our community, and we are simply humbled and grateful for everything you have done for us.

Nathaniel King Sr.


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom