Trying to rewrite Constitution

A massive group of radical leftists is trying to rewrite our Constitution and turn our country into a socialist state.

The kingpin is billionaire George Soros. The many groups he funds are promoting public corruption and government secrecy that involves taxpayer dollars and federal agencies.

Soros is the largest and most influential funder of left-wing causes and is funneling money from his Open Society Foundation into left-wing groups in Albania, Romania, Colombi, Macedonia, Guatemala and our own Deep State organizations.

The Soros personal wealth amounts to $25 billion and his nefarious acts are not infecting the world. He is out to destroy our form of government and that of a select number of other countries.

These actions are a serious violation of international law. He is joined by a number of holders of the Obama administration. They are part of the swamp President Trump is still trying to eliminate.

We as Americans cannot just sit around and stomp our feet, be apathetic and let someone else solve the crisis. We must study the situation, vote and get involved where possible.

Socialist government around the world are failing or are in trouble and we have a wave of people in our government advocating for them.

Alan Cohick

Cogan Station