A heartening visit from governor

Recently we had a “wear jeans” day at my work at Career Pathways in Williamsport.

For the duration of my employment, I have never worn jeans because I feel more comfortable in dress pants.

On March 1st, I finally decided to give in and wear blue jeans. Wouldn’t you know it, that also happened to be the day that Gov. Wolf showed up to our office.

It was great getting to meet him. His interested eyes and listening ears showed his eagerness to improve education and the economy in Pennsylvania. I walked away from his visit celebrating the fact that regardless of what I am wearing, I am making a small contribution to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that we all call home.

That is true for every working Pennsylvanian whose work makes our society run and whose taxes provide for our schools, roads, and social services.

Joseph Wells

Jersey Shore

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom