Loophole or tall tale

For those of you who don’t understand the gun show loophole, let me explain. There isn’t one. All laws that apply to gun sales anywhere else also apply at a gun show. Here’s what Democrats want you to think it is. Background checks are not required at a gun show. Nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone who sells guns for profit is required to have a Federal Firearms License. Anyone with an FFL is required to perform a background check before selling a firearm.

Private citizens who are not gun dealers do not need to do a background check before selling a firearm, which is what has the gun-grabbers up in arms. But here’s what they leave out. It is illegal for anyone to sell a gun to a person who is not legally permitted to own one.

If you sell a gun to someone you don’t know, and that person turns out to be ineligible to purchase a firearm, you have just committed a felony.

If you are stupid enough to sell guns to strangers, whether it be at home or a gun show, without a background check, you deserve to go to jail and you probably will. But none of this, is why Democrats want “universal background checks”. Because the government maintains records of all background checks for gun sales, in violation of the law, universal background checks would act as nationwide gun registration. Every country which has implemented gun registration has used that registration to confiscate guns at a later, but not much later, time.

Paul Rinker


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom