Perverted by science

Secular scientist’s fallback position on many issues not having naturalistic answers is that they don’t know. Though with global warming/climate change, they know without definitive evidence that it is manmade.

The universe had a beginning, when all space, matter, energy, and time came into existence. The logical answer for a beginning is a creator beyond space and time. But secular scientists say they don’t know what happened prior to the universe coming into existence so they propose nonsensical theories. One is the unprovable, science fiction multiverse theory.

The logical answer for the origin of life is also a creator beyond space and time. Secular scientists know there is no naturalistic mechanism for life to originate from non-living matter because the existence of the simplest living cell requires all its parts are present and in the right order at the same time. Since a living cell must be complete to exist, it could not evolve through gradual steps.

Dr. Richard Dawkins, atheist, evolutionary biologist, and bestselling author scoffs at belief in a creator. He also relies on the fallback position that we don’t know how life originated. He says aliens may have been responsible for beginning the origin of life process on earth, but the aliens must have evolved by some naturalistic process. Aliens! Another science fiction theory.

How can Secularists believe humans are so insignificant because we originated by accident from non-living matter, but at the same time believe humans are so significant we are able to influence the earth’s climate?

Belief in the insignificance of human life allows acceptance of killing infants and abortion at any time for any reason. But the value of human life depends on the specific life. For example, if a Secularist has a premature birthed baby, all cost and effort must be used to insure their baby’s survival.

Ted Mahaffey


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom