Support practical school tax reform

We need to keep Jeff Wheeland right where he is in the state legislature where he can do the most good. He is our only supporter of property tax elimination. He is fighting for us in Harrisburg. It is not a case of local control but of local taxation.

The distribution model in HB/SB 76 is absolutely fair and adequate but the schools do not want to lose the ability to tax at will. They must be stopped and their funding replaced by the method in HB 76. Get our lawmakers on board.

An income tax is categorically more fair to all concerned than a property tax. Everybody is paying it, property owners and renters.

If you’re renting, the property owner passes his expenses on to you.

The Property Tax Independence Act will eliminate the school tax. Income tax and sales tax will spread the cost out relative to the person’s ability to pay.

People with lower income will pay less. People who buy less will pay less. The time is now to support an act that is to everybody’s benefit.

Mim Logue


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom