Enough is enough

State Representative Stephanie Borowitz has been continually attacked for her prayer praising Jesus in the state House chambers.

First, I am proud of Representative Borowitz for her strong religious beliefs. I wish that all, including myself, could have such strong beliefs and convictions.

However, I do wonder about the source and rationale of such repeated attacks and I wonder if such attacks are being orchestrated and by whom or what.

In order for her attackers to have any credibility, they should identify themselves by political party, who they voted for in 2018 and if they are a member of any group organization that is political or quasi-political in nature.

If they cannot or will not so do, their letters should be ignored and given what little weight they deserve.

To take the lead: One, I am a registered Republican; two, I voted for Stephanie Borowitz in 2018; and three, I am not a member of any kind of political group or organization.

Fred Lingle

Lock Haven