Marriage ‘I don’t’

I’ve never seen what the big deal was with getting married. It’s not simply because I’m agnostic, it’s just people who get married often times put unrealistic expectations on their significant others in part due to the mediated reality that has wired us so. What’s important is that you get along with the person you’re with, not that your families approve of who you’re with. Who cares if you were raised with different religions or you’re a non-believer like me as this does not determine character.

It’s an industry based on rings that cost thousands of dollars and cakes that cost a fortune and wedding planners whose expenses rival that of college tuition. Being at a wedding is about as much fun as jury selection for me personally, and while I believe in committed relationships, I don’t need a piece of paper.

Daniel Yoxtheimer

Cogan Station

Submitted to Virtual Newsroom