Rare opportunity

Area residents have a rare opportunity in the special election on May 21. We can send both a tremendous servant-leader and a consistent conservative to Congress. Fred Keller has worked tirelessly, listening to his constituents and representing them well during his eight years in Harrisburg. Fred and I worked together and became friends over 20 years ago before he ever ran for office. He was the same stalwart leader and effective communicator back then. When I became a township supervisor in Union Township, Union County, I saw Fred’s dedication firsthand as he regularly attended our meetings, answered our questions, and advocated for our local needs in dealings with PennDOT, DEP and other state agencies. Fred is humble, accountable and transparent, always returning phone calls and serving constituents. I can’t think of a better representative to take our values to Washington, D.C.

Billy Allred


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom