Sad truth about Venezuela

A couple of weeks ago, a letter to the editor expressed views on the root cause of the collapse of Venezuela. I wish to rebut the opinions. The claim was that the only reason for Venezuela’s demise was a direct result of U.S. meddling and sanctions. God forbid we should look to the abject failures of socialism or the morally bankrupt dictators that often spring forth from socialist governments. After all, socialism among our hipster youth and academia class is the new “cool.”

Venezuela was a jewel of South America, flush with natural resources and a robust economy. Its decline and failure epitomizes the results of socialism and communism throughout the world. It never works. You can only commandeer and plunder other people’s wealth so long before chaos ensues.

Sadly, the views of most people on the left are not grounded by truth or reality. I do agree we should stay out the business of other countries and focus on our own economy and security Blaming their demise on the United States is utterly ridiculous.

David Dusel


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom