School hearings for Salladasburg and Avis

Why did we have these hearings again when it was voted last April to not have hearings on these closures? What savings are you going to have closing these two schools? Will our millage be reduced? No. Our taxes increased since the closure of Nippenose. We have the largest school tax in the county.

Years ago people saw a vision and made these outlying schools a reality for our communities. This administration wants to rip these two schools from our communities. How can anyone predict a decline or increase of students to our district? This school term, Salladasburg had an increase in various grades with the fifth grade having 30 students in one classroom.

As I remember from last year’s meeting, $29 million out of a total of $41 million goes to wages and benefits. That leaves $12 million for all other expenses. This is the area to fix, not keep raising wages and benefits for full-time staff. How can you expect our district to stay Jersey Shore School District with spending more than is available to pay for wages and benefits? Sacrifices of the realities to not overspend in our district must be made. These outlying schools have survived all these years. Where has the common sense gone in spending and raising costs of wages and benefits? Destroying our two outlying elementary schools is not the answer. They are assets to our communities owned by the people, where enrollment is increasing.

Keep these two schools open. Control the wages and benefits that make up most of the expenses for the district. We don’t want these two outlying schools closed, ever, where math, science and English test scores are the highest. We’re overlooking our precious children. Shame on us adults.

Beaty Hall

Jersey Shore