Commissioner candidate

I happen to know Todd Lauer and I talk to him quite often. He is a Republican seeking nomination for a Lycoming County commissioner’s seat in the May primary election. He is willing and able to become a county commissioner. We need more elected officials at the county and state levels here in Pennsylvania, who care about the well-being of every resident of Lycoming County. More often than not, the majority of elected officials win elections because their names are more familiar to the general public. This happens when an unknown person fails to be elected. College degrees and years of experience do not mold any man or woman into being more qualified than their opponents when it comes to running for any public office.

The voters should look for strong points of view and any accomplishments that a newcomer to politics may have with their resume instead of voting only for your own political party member or one who is in favor of legalizing marijuana.

I am sick of hearing about the wall between Mexico and the United States, opioids and marijuana. The big question is, who will reap the profits? Will it be those individuals who now profit by selling illegal drugs or will it change so the profits end up in the hands of our elected officials?

My views have accumulated over my 87 years of life, as well as four years of military service, during which I served in the U.S. Air Force in the Korean War. I have been around the block a few more times in my life than any elected official who remains in office at the present time here in Lycoming County.

Weldon C. Cohick Jr.