Fred Keller doesn’t support teachers

I am a voter in the 85th House of Representatives district who would like to enlighten voters throughout the Pennsylvania 10th Congressional District. Fred Keller claims that we keep re-electing him because of all he has done for us. Well, I am a public school teacher who has never voted for Fred Keller, and I do not personally know another teacher (Republican, Democrat, or Independent) in the 85th district who has.

Fred Keller does not support teachers or education. Anyone who watched the debate on May 2 saw Marc Friedenberg talk about some of the issues in education that need to be addressed. Fred Keller’s retort to these concerns was to ask his opponent if he ever teaches free classes to speak to those issues. Once again, Fred Keller pointed out that he has no consideration for all the work teachers do outside of the classrooms: the hours of planning, training, grading, and yes, working with students without additional pay. This ridiculous reaction was not a surprise to educators in Union and Snyder counties because in the summer of 2016 when the Pennsylvania Secretary of Education, Pedro Rivera, came to small communities throughout the state, he stopped at the Selinsgrove library to meet with educators to discuss problems in education including the excessive high stakes testing that students from elementary though high school face.

Don’t bother to ask Fred Keller what he learned in the meeting because he did not bother to attend it. Instead of embracing the opportunity to hear the concerns of local educators and the responses of Mr. Rivera, he attended a Trump rally (as we discovered in a newspaper article the next day).

Don’t let Fred Keller fool you, he wants to become part of partisan politics in Washington, D.C., not solve the problems we face here in Pennsylvania.

Beth Faunce


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom