Liberal Democratic machine

I see that the liberal Democratic machine from State College is alive and well. So I guess I’ll balance it out. We don’t need anymore politicians in elected office with a ‘D’ behind their name. Sorry, Friedensberg may be a nice guy but if the circus of the last two years isn’t enough of an example of what the socialist left is capable of, we are indeed in dire straits. And with dragon lady as the speaker and the likes of Nadler, Schiff, Schumer, Warren, Cummings, the next two years will be a catastrophe. When I look at some of their proposals such as Green Energy and Medicare for all (including illegal aliens) and their latest star, the whack a mole former bartender other extremist policies, that is all I need to know before pulling the lever. I really don’t want to be another comrade. I won’t sit idly by and watch America become anymore socialist than it already is. It’s past time that conservatives take a page out of the leftist playbook. I’m fed up with all of their whacky, extreme social engineering crap. So let’s remember what the left has already given us. Vote for freedom under the Constitution.

Michael Gohrig


Submitted via email