Political control of local area

Reading the Democratic party strategy to take over political control of this area, I see they are tired of one party control. I think someone should point out to them the Democratic control of Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City and Philadelphia, which have been controlled by Democrats for decades. Nothing good has come of this unless you are a drug dealer.

The Democrat who just recently lost the election for the 12th Congressional seat was given the OK by the Democrats to try again. When he ran the first time, he made a statement that Judge Kavanagh was not qualified to be on the Supreme Court, but he failed to say why. Could his only objection have been because he wasn’t a Democrat? No sensible person made that statement even during the hearings. He also stated that the Republicans made a travesty of the hearings. Was he watching the same hearings as the rest of the world, or was he not paying attention? Sen. Feinstein was informed of this letter she received from the accuser and held onto it for almost a month until she obtained a lawyer with questionable ethics to represent this woman. This entire attack was false, brought to the public just to attempt to disrupt the legitimate business of the government.

Since President Trump was legitimately elected, the Democrats have only attempted to disrupt his attempt to Make America Great Again. There was no attempt to work together on any program for the good of this country and its citizens. In fact, they have done more for non-Americans. President Washington’s greatest fear was that our democracy would collapse if we didn’t have a peaceful transition of power when a new president was installed. His fears were realized when Trump was inaugurated. The attacks have been unending with no change in sight and no future of compromise. A good saying would be “too much whining will lead to violence.”

What will we be like if we were to abandon our Christian morals and conservative values? We could be another Philadelphia. Our Democratic governor wants to legalize and tax marijuana. In other words, he wants the state to be the official drug dealer for marijuana so he can have more money for whatever projects he will dream up. He is on a plan to tax and tax more and then he will tell us what he specifically will use the money for. Right now he plans only on telling us he wants to build a better infrastructure. He has the lieutenant governor talking to all the college kids to see if they favor the legalization of marijuana. Isn’t that like asking little children if they want candy? Is he being honest with this survey of his? He isn’t asking them if they will accept the increased accident rates with the corresponding death and serious injury rates, or the sizeable increase in insurance rates.

If we accept this, then perhaps we can start the Philadelphia plan to reduce drug overdose deaths by taxing the working class to establish the drug use clinics, attended by licensed nurses who will dispense taxpayer-funded needles and allow the drug user to inject their drugs in a police-free area where they will be protected from being arrested for their crimes. Of course, if they should overdose under these conditions the taxpayers will be sued and probably found liable. If they drive away from a city sponsored “shooting gallery” and be involved in an accident resulting in death or serious injury, will the taxpayers also be liable for this situation?

Finally, if we do elect more Democrats into Congress will they all really vote to outlaw cars, ships, buses and airplane travel and build a train to Hawaii? I do believe they would try, especially if drugs are legalized. Again, keep in mind the Democrats always say the illegal immigrants want to come here to take the jobs no one else in American wants so they can build a better life for themselves. Think! They are bringing the drugs into the country, wouldn’t they also want to sell them to us here on our streets?

The Democrats will be okay with this so long as they vote Democrat. If they indicated they would vote Republican, I think the Democrats would start construction of the wall immediately.

Raymond Hartman