Promises but no action

Promises, promises, promises! All we ever get are promises. The City Council, the commissioners, even the governor. Full of promises and then no action.

The city came out and announced a ramp in front of City Hall to make it easier to get into City Hall, just a little under a month ago, then they said they needed to have a security person there, a better elevator, etc. I went to the announced meeting about it. So far no ramp or any of the other things needed. The ground is still torn up out in front of City Hall and certainly not for as long as the committee said it would be.

Now, today, they are still talking about it, but now they have added Bowman Field. Well, you can guess which will be done first. Sports have always held top billing in any discussion. Then they are talking about a potential Gateway Project at East Third and Mulberry streets. Where is that money coming from?

Always there is talk of having enough money to fulfill these projects. Why not take on one at a time? Finish one project before you start another. The taxpayers will not feel so squeezed if you try to do one thing at a time.

The city has other problems that need your attention before the things that have been brought up for the public to think about. When will this area wake up? You don’t plan something until you have the money for it, you don’t promise something unless you intend to deliver. Then, you deliver!

You can be sure that I will keep a log of those who want to run for future elections. I neglected to do that this year but I won’t in the future.

Gretchen H. Kennedy