Simple choice

I wasn’t going to weigh in on the Congressional race, but after watching the recent televised debate I decided this is too important to remain silent.

While most of the debate was just, “blah, blah, blah,” party line boredom from both sides, the question about Social Security did get my attention.

Both candidates made the same error concerning Social Security; they claimed: “That is your money.” Anyone paying attention to the law and subsequent court opinions should know that the money taken from you, known as a payroll tax, is just that, a tax and belongs to the government.

But that line is just what politicians and retired people want us all to believe. It’s a happy lie.

The difference between the candidates came after that line.

Keller believes that Social Security is an earned benefit and that it should be protected. He didn’t say how he intended to do that, but he at least seemed to believe that people should get what they worked for.

Friedenberg believes that Social Security is basically welfare for seniors. After saying that it’s your money, he proposed to save it by making high income earners pay more. That’s not your money, that’s someone else’s money.

To Friedenberg, Social Security is just another of many income redistribution schemes. He also didn’t seem to want to acknowledge that it was his party which robbed the Social Security trust fund and then decided to tax Social Security payments. He doesn’t believe it’s your money. To people like Friedenberg, all money belongs to government and it’s up to politicians to decide how much you get (after they take their cut). That’s called socialism.

The choice seems simple. If you want to maintain some amount of freedom, vote for Keller, but if you want government to make all important decisions for you, vote for Friedenberg.

Paul Rinker


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom