The need to be able to work

When people are sick, it is harder for them to care for their children, they miss days at work, and they have less money to spend on groceries, clothes, and other things that stimulate our economy.

Right now, the only people who have health care they know they can rely on are senior citizens. This program is called Medicare. The rest of us worry that if we lose our job, we will lose our health insurance, and that if politicians in Washington or Harrisburg decide to cut Medicaid or CHIP, our children could lose access to well-child check-ups, hearing screenings, and vaccines.

Personally, I do not send politicians to Washington to support ideologies. I send them to support voters. This is why I resent Mr. Keller trying to scare us into thinking that our entire way of life will fall apart if we expand the Medicare program our seniors love. If you think about it, it makes no sense that Medicare for 65-year olds is not socialized medicine but Medicare for 64-year olds would be.

If we love our capitalist way of life, then let’s make sure that everyone can participate in the workforce and that budding entrepreneurs don’t hold back from starting that small business because it would jeopardize their access to health insurance.

Marc Friedenberg supports economic growth by supporting Medicare for all, and as a voter who wants to see our economy thrive, I support Marc Friedenberg.

Shari Jacobson


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom