What it says

Yes, I am talking about political mailings that candidates send out. What is in writing means something because the other evening I heard a two-hour forum of candidates grilled about various aspects and requirements of the job. The nine candidates from a broad spectrum of knowledge and experiences gave quality erudite answers. One has to discern which two respondents’ answers you like the best. It made me think of choosing between a chive, a leek or an onion. I don’t want to obfuscate the matter but this serious choice has to fit your needs and tastes.

By the way, history and your own experience should play a part in your decision. This brings to mind our previous D.A. who seemed like a walk-on for judge. He had a great staff and sent out attractive fliers with written complimentary adjectives about himself. I supported him, but when I read how much baggage he was bringing to the bench. I remember telling him about a criminal case, and it took him a year to get back to me regarding it.

Just today I received two hard-copy fliers in the mail. One copy was from Bill Carlucci for judge. I wasn’t born last night so I have some experiences and a few questions. I do remember at a viewing about a year and a half ago, listening to someone bragging about himself for a good hour. I won’t get into what a professional friend of mine who was down and out had to say about him, plus one of his good employees, i.e. a past employee who was my friend. Bill’s political piece had some great points to it. Some questions from me arise. Standing in front of a firetruck. Does that mean he’s a volunteer fireman? Touting the NRA. Does that mean Bill is a member like me or something more? The Second Amendment. There are many amendments to the Constitution, what special has happened that this is mentioned? Shooting a rifle with a helmet for ear protection that must cost over $300. How does this relate to a hardworking middle-class hunter or sportsman? He looked like a pilot on a spacecraft. In fact, I saw one similar at Cape Canaveral a month ago. My specialty ear mufflers cost less than $25 and they have music in them. It was mentioned the many cases he has won. That’s fine, but for whom? The criminal or the victim?

I read nothing about our great trout streams, Pine Creek, Loyalsock Creek or Lycoming Creek, or about our endless mountains. Being a member of the church doesn’t say anything about one’s heart. That truth is what the people need to know. That flier may have been a bunch of spurious comments.

The bottom line is: Did you serve your country, in which branch of the military, and what did you do?

The other mailing I received today was from Tabby Nassberg. It was hilarious. She is an expert so she must know what she is talking about. To understand, you had to see it.

Alan Cohick

Cogan Station