Why I support Tony Mussare

I support Tony Mussare for many reasons. First he has owned Rainbow Carpet with his wife for over 30 years and I believe you are only able to stay in business that long if you do something right for the first 29. He has instilled this same work ethic and great values to his two sons who are both hard working just like their dad.

Second, he invests in our community through hiring local workers and by increasing property value with the housing he owns with his sons. He does business with other local small business owners to support the area and develops relationships for the betterment of our community.

Third, Tony takes the time to fully understand what is going on around him before he makes big decisions. He looks at the research and the studies, he gets feedback from people in the know and then finds a way forward with the given information that will best help everyone.

I have had the pleasure to know Tony socially through my parents and professionally through my husband’s local lawn care service. Now I work alongside his wife Mary at Rainbow Carpet and my respect for Tony has only increased.

Because of these reasons and many more, I will be supporting Tony in his re-election bid for county commissioner.

Robin Carlin


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom