A real concern

We are talking here about quintessential terms such as: the new age movement, the new world order, national debt, a cashless society, paper money with no backing, the Federal Reserve, Babylon, Bible prophecy, the next financial crisis, socialism, globalsim and the Illuminati. One may become apathetic upon hearing these terms often, along with the world debt at $20 trillion and our (America’s) debt in the trillions, equal to our GDP. Some of these put us in ominous territory when you think of the IMF and the U.N. being globalist organizations. Yes, the IMF which I believe would be called “The Big One.” It would be putting out the “New World Money” with SDRs, i.e. special drawing rights. We common folks may not get our SDRs for our money because, believe it or not, the Federal Reserve could be illegal in itself. Woodrow Wilson signed it into law in 1913 while Congress was on Christmas vacation.

Free market and libertarian economists are saying this is a short trip to tyranny for our society, especially when the Fed is owned 25 percent by four private families. You can guess who they are. The downside for us taxpayers, I believe, is that they get 25 percent of the interest paid on our Federal debt. Poor souls! And 99 percent of the American people don’t know this. The Skull and Bones fraternity is a direct descendent of the Illuminati, the secret club originated by the Nazis.

When you figure this all out you realize NATO is involved because these European countries are in NATO. Those countries are globalists and we aren’t. What a conundrum.

Thank goodness we have a president who is immutably against globalism and he understands secret society connections and the control the New World Bank wants to have over the World’s currencies. There is a real battle going on and it involves Trump. Some scholars debate whether this is part of Biblical prophecy. They see America as part of this, referencing Deut. 28.

Don’t forget, the gargantuan amount of money sides with America, not Europe. We have many there who are self-serving and think of all the radicals and potential socialists gnawing at President Trump’s heels. These are trying times. We as Americans should be praying for the future of America, as these topics are real.

Alan Cohick

Cogan Station