How can any one explain that writing a letter complaining about gays and lesbians or children who get trophies for participating is not being a whiner?

How can Trump supporters say we must respect President Trump because he is the President while they disrespect President Obama and they even did so when he was in the White House?

How can you say you are for law and order and yet agree with President Trump’s verbal attacks on the very people who are in law and order positions?

How can you say you support the military and veterans and say nothing when President Trump is protected from seeing John McCain’s name or support the possible pardons of war criminals by President Trump?

How is President Trump the most transparent President ever if he won’t let us see his health, wealth or academic records, and block Congress from conducting further investigations in regard to the Mueller report? Consider how many times Republicans investigated both Clintons and now are calling for another Benghazi investigation with President Trump’s support of it.

Is anyone surprised to hear Mitch McConnell say in 2020, a presidential election year, if the Supreme Court has a vacancy, it will be filled by President Trump? Democrats knew what he was doing and why. Wait till the Democrats get to do it.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom