In short supply

This is in response to the article about Father Manno that ran today. I didn’t know Father Manno personally, nor had I heard of him before reading the story. But a certain realization hit me as I was attending Montoursville’s baccaleureate ceremony on June 2 and Principal Taormina asked for a moment of silence in Manno’s memory. In a town that’s become known for raising ruckusses in lieu of the recent school building controversy, the memory of a single man held an entire auditorium of people in pensive silence for a long time.

Truly amazing. Folks like that are in short supply nowadays and I encourage everyone reading this to strive toward showing the same humility and desire to help others that Father Manno showed to those who knew him. Carry on what he started and we can make our area even better than he left it.

Benjamin Kutay


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom