Lesson from history

I recently had the privilege of touring a couple of our country’s finer historical sites. In addition to the period architecture, I saw a lot of history of enslaved persons.

In each case there was archeological evidence that American slaves owned guns. In one case there was shot and rifle flint found in the remains of a slave dwelling, and in another there was actually what would have been a modern rifle in one of the reproductions of a slave dwelling.

What does it say about the modern Democratic party that they want to disarm free Americans, when those awful slave owners allowed their slaves to keep arms? How is it that colonial slave owners treated their slaves better than Democrats treat their constituents?

To be fair, not all slave owners allowed their slaves to keep guns, only those who did not abuse their slaves could risk that. What does that tell you about the plans Democrats have for us?

Democrats are working hard to implement socialism and socialism is slavery. It does not bode well for the working class that part of the march toward socialism is gun control. That usually happens well after socialism has taken hold. It seems the plan is to waste no time in oppressing the newly enslaved people.

The Democratic party is trying to control what you do, what you say, even what you think, and they don’t want you to be able to protect your God-given rights. Why does anyone support that?

Paul Rinker


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom