The Nifong Syndrome

This disease occurs in lawyers, particularly those elected to public service or political appointees who violate all ethical standards and morph into partisan political hacks. Named after District Attorney Mike Nifong of Durham, North Carolina, who intentionally withheld DNA and video evidence and made multiple erroneous statements to the media during the Duke lacrosse scandal.

Mr. Nifong was fired, disbarred, arrested, sued and jailed (one day) for his brazen attempt to frame three players of the Duke lacrosse team. He completely destroyed himself having lawsuit liabilities of over $180 million.

The players were completely exonerated and “declared innocent” by the State of North Carolina and the accuser is in jail for life for murdering her next paramour.

However, the poison of the media coverage corrupted the Duke University staff as 88 professors signed a statement agreeing to the guilt of the players. Even after the players where completely exonerated, these PhD’s never apologized, admitted their error or showed remorse. Duke also settled out of court for these “academics”.

The first female Attorney General of the State of Pennsylvania is still in prison because of Nifong Syndrome. Democrat Kathleen Kane destroyed her career. She was a rising star in the Democratic Party and traded it all away by intentionally violating the law she swore to uphold. This is what is happening all over the country at this time.

It is important to know that the personal character of the individual is more important than their talent or intellect. When elected officials misuse their office for their own political benefit, they destroy themselves, harm the public, and bring disrepute on the noble institutions that have been established for the public good. We need people who keep their personal agendas out of the execution of their duties.

Pastor John C. Butler

South Williamsport

Submitted via Virtual Newsroom