The path to Hell is paved with good intentions

I’ve never really been surprised about being disappointed about District 12’s election results. I just wanted to say congratulations to the people who voted for a career politician who at best will stall any meaningful legislation that aims to move our district and country in any direction but backward.

We had someone running on the other side of the aisle who wanted to address our crumbling infrastructure, our election security, and the way in which Wall Street was bailed out but Main Street was not.

Most Americans are still struggling to make ends meet and most can’t afford an emergency expense. I constantly hear, when I talk to people, where’s my bailout?

Congratulations District 12, you elected a corporate shill who will most likely line his own pockets with corporate money to pass corporation-sponsored bills that work for the best interest of the corporations and not your fellow man.

Fred Keller didn’t even author the Red Flag Law, yet took credit for co-sponsoring it mainly because he caved to public pressure. I hope I’m wrong but, I have no reason to believe I am, given the history of Fred Keller as a local politician.

I hope I’m given the opportunity to leave District 12 in the near future, so that I can also leave behind the worst representation of me and my fellow man’s interest as well.

Andrew Ostrowsky


Submitted via Virtual Newsroom