U.K. Secularism

Cal Thomas’s writing on United Kingdom secularism is knowledgeable. The paragraph quoted from David Aaronovitch follows: “If a family of Jehovah Witnesses moves next door to a Seventh Day Adventist family, evangelical mayhem ensues.”

This is very litigated. Both faiths are very tolerant of each other and very peace loving. If you haven’t seen the movie or read the book about Desmond Dose, I urge you to. Thomas’s last paragraph is hopeful. Ide says if the BBC is rediscovering faith, that might lead to a renewed interest in the subject (religion) and, who knows, a revival in the U.K. away from secularism. God knows the U.K. and America could use one — Amen!

Secularism is worldly, independent of religious practices according to Webster Dictionary.

Lenora Stackhouse