Ivanka Trump email transgression hardly at the Clinton level

Let’s get the obvious out of the way – Ivanka Trump, the president daughter and a White House adviser, sent emails regarding government business from a personal email account in 2017.

It was wrong. It was inexcusable, especially in light of President Trump’s criticism of his campaign opponent, Hillary Clinton, for email abuse.

That said, the uproar in the media and some political quarters over the details and implications reveals so much about the hypocritical double standard that exists in those quarters.

The emails were sent to aides, Cabinet members and Ivanka Trump’s assistants. While they were in violation of public records rules, they mostly regarded logistics and scheduling concerning her family, none were delated, they have since been retained and the issue was explained, as far back as 14 months ago, to congressional leaders.

Ivanka Trump is not using a private server as secretary of state, possibly exposing national and foreign policy information to enemies of the United States.

She did not bleach wash any of the emails.

No one has used a hammer to destroy all vestiges of the emails in question.

And, in fact, the emails are available for anyone in Congress to examine, as we are certain Trump’s political opponents will do.

But it’s pretty rich to try in any way, shape or form to compare this to the deliberate deception and wrongdoing of Hillary Clinton.

We will take the Ivanka Trump email embarrassment more seriously when the same people insisting on a full Congressional probe of it are willing to do the same with the Hillary Clinton email escapades – or at finally stop making excuses for her and admit what she did was wrong.