Honoring first responders

There’s a reason we call them first responders. They’re the first people to head into danger and to help their neighbors whenever they are needed. These brave individuals are our Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals, and they’re always ready to answer our calls for help.

To those who heed the call to volunteer or work as first responders – paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), firefighters, police officers and many others – we are forever grateful. These are not normal, nine-to-five jobs. First responders undergo tremendous amounts of training and practice, all to be prepared to rush to someone’s aid, even if that means risking their own safety.

At Geisinger, we are honored to partner with these extraordinary professionals and help them deliver lifesaving care to their communities. Join us in thanking first responders for the sacrifices they make and honoring them for being there whenever we need a hero.

David J. Schoenwetter, DO, FAEMS, FACEP, is director of the Division of Emergency Medical Services at Geisinger.