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Don't look here for facts ...

October 10, 2008 - LLee Janssen

... though it's not fiction either. It's a blog ... an online journal, often with opinions and commentary on the state of the world in which I live. It's not about news that I report on personally. It's not about attacking private individuals. Nor is it just another place where the bullies should be allowed to take out their need to beat up on another soul.

Where does this come from, this desire to write about what this blog is? The running commentary on my last entry, plus the knowledge I have of abuses over other areas of this Web site where the people who sign my paycheck have decided to disallow comments. And I can see why they did: We live amid bullies who would probably overpower our voices in a face-to-face confrontation.

Why do we need a confrontation?

Why do we need to pound the other guy in the head?

Why can't we all just get along, and perhaps along the way offer some insights, ideas or encouragement to our fellow beings?

I wish we would allow comments, but the fact is that a certain element out there doesn't seem to understand the need for civility. It would be nice to have some civility police, but alas, the staff here are busy trying to dig out news stories and fulfill our primary role as the providers and disseminators of community news and information.

The problem of not allowing comments is that the public forum is removed. When I write a blog on an issue of the day and choose to allow comments, it's because I'm interested in knowing what others think of the issue at hand.

Unfortunately, the running commentary on my last blog had nothing to do with the issue at hand. Oh, I see one former journalist from two decades ago thinks I'm not supposed to write opinion pieces. He seems to have overlooked the role of editorials -- not news stories but opinion pieces -- in the news product. And, I am no longer a reporter, and as such I do not write opinion pieces about any area of coverage for which I am responsible.

But I do blog. And I do submit an occasional editorial that -- gasp -- gets published in the print edition.

And now, just to make me happy today, I'm not going to allow comments on this entry. Go back to my last entry and continue your commentary there! Meanwhile, the sun beckons and I must go find some happiness!



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