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September 29, 2016 “Ford Moving All Small-Car Production to Mexico From U.S.” Today, September 14, 2016, the CEO announced that they will be moving the small car production to Mexic. more »»

Prostate cancer alert

September 29, 2016 Prostate Cancer is the most common cancer among men. Second to Skin Cancer. Different types of cancer are Sarcomas, Small cell carcinomas, Neuroendocrine tumors, and Transitional. more »»

Judgment of history

September 28, 2016 Donald Trump has made a circus of America's 2016 Presidential election. History will treat him harshly for that. more »»

Family histories

September 28, 2016 Reading the letter Sept. 14 regarding "Citizen Trump", one would think if one has time enough to follow Mr. Trump’s family history it would only be appropriate to follow Mrs. Clinton’s family history. more »»

Placement questioned

September 28, 2016 In reference to the Sept. 9 AP article "forum calls difference in how Trump, Clinton are treated into question". more »»

As American as riders

September 28, 2016 The letters complaining about Mr. Bailey's not likeing the 9/11 ride...don't be so arrogant thinking everyone loves the ride. FYI, some people don't like it. more »»

Route 220 dangers

September 27, 2016 There's been a lot said about Route 220 being a dangerous road, and that's true whenever you have people behind the wheel that speed or are careless in their drivin. more »»

Obama legacy

September 27, 2016 Victor Davis Hanson has an article about President Obama’s legacy that takes a look at his accomplishments as president. He mostly criticizes America and Americans when speaking in foreign countrie. more »»


September 26, 2016 As intelligent humans we tend to rank things in order of importance. We make mental and literal to-do lists in our lives so that we can address our needs from day to da. more »»

Recreation budget

September 26, 2016 Once again the recreation commission has gotten a financial black eye due to the peculiar budget practices conducted by city financial personnel. more »»

What happened?

September 25, 2016 An interesting question headlines the Sun-Gazette on 9-11-16. more »»

The real Key

September 25, 2016 Listening to the NFL commentators Charles Woodson and Randy Moss regarding those sitting or kneeling during the National Anthem and the comment made from these commentators about Francis Scott Key. more »»

Who bikers are

September 25, 2016 I had to wait a few days to collect my thoughts before responding to Ronald Bailey’s letter regarding the 9/11 memorial rid. more »»

Regarding liars

September 25, 2016 In response to Chuck Ardell’s letter of Sept. 16, if someone says something that you don’t agree with, that doesn’t mean that they lied, it just means that you don’t agree with the. more »»

To board president

September 25, 2016 It goes without saying that I have been hard on you, Montoursville School Board President Snell, over the past nine month. more »»

Too lazy

September 25, 2016 Why do people continue to cut to cut down all the trees without planting new ones? A TV special called “23. more »»

Patriotism and the ride

September 24, 2016 Regarding the letters bashing Mr. Bailey because he doesn't like the 9/11 ride. Not liking the ride does not make him less patriotic. more »»

Better options

September 24, 2016 I see that the Obama administration has decided to bring in even more refugees next year. I guess Obama’s idea of defeating ISIS is to evacuate Syria, so they won’t have anyone left to persecute. more »»

Be informed

September 24, 2016 I was astounded and pleased to see the beautiful picture of the Cochran Lyon House featured in your business section of the Sunday paper. more »»

School board dilemma

September 24, 2016 Now it seems that the STSD, that's Southern Tioga School District was able to come up with $600,000. more »»

Trump the businessman

September 23, 2016 “A successful businessman will make a great president." That is one of the basic underlying assumptions of Donald Trump's candidac. more »»



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