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Pleasant surprise

April 19, 2015 I generally don't agree with the Sun-Gazette's editorials or positions taken by Representative Marino. more »»

A no-win situation

April 19, 2015 I know the government is not putting out correct information on the Keystone Pipelin. more »»

We cannot stop now!

April 19, 2015 How well is the city of Williamsport doing? I have been fighting crime in the city of Williamsport for 25 years. I have seen our city doing well and also doing bad. more »»

Representative government?

April 19, 2015 It’s no longer solely about destroying a taxpayer funded real estate asset valued at $13 million. more »»

Welcome everybody

April 19, 2015 In the 2015 budget for Williamsport there was made available to the Williamsport Citizens Corps an allowance of $1,000 for expenses that occur for WCCC and that also involves the Neighborhood Watch... more »»

A horrific waste

April 19, 2015 It is now official. Our combat role in Afghanistan was officially over on December 28, 2014. more »»


April 19, 2015 According to your Sunday paper, State Attorney General Kathleen Kane is challenging the judge’s order to explain firing an injunction-protected prosecutor in her office? Seems to me she does have... more »»

Examine poem

April 19, 2015 President Obama, and his administrative lapdogs, Congressional cohorts, media disciples, billionaire Michael Bloomberg and his millionaire collaborators, subsidizers of many deceitful anti-gun... more »»

Faulty comparison

April 19, 2015 In 1939, Britain's foreign minister Neville Chamberlain effectively ceded the Sudetenland, the predominantly German-speaking region of Czechoslovakia, to Adolf Hitler's Nazi German. more »»

Not ready for Hillary!

April 18, 2015 Hillary Rodham Clinton ( just typing that name makes me desire a shower ) has announced her run for POTU. more »»


April 18, 2015 I believe the comments in my letter of April 12 are being misunderstood by some, and to set the record straight I want to emphasize that the letter in no way was meant to suggest that we need to... more »»

Oppose fast track

April 18, 2015 Today I write this letter urging our lawmakers to vote "NO" on Fast Track. I truly believe along with many others that Fast Track is just a power move by multinational corporations. more »»

Islamic Terrorists

April 18, 2015 I agree, at least in part, with your editorial last Monday. U.S. troops should not be sent to Yemen. We will be seen as crusaders and every rebel we kill will breed a dozen more terrorists. more »»

Out of control!

April 17, 2015 Complaints from some that federal regulations are out of control. Maybe but maybe not. Congress passes an act that becomes law and in order to enforce that law a new government agency is created. more »»

Take our country back

April 17, 2015 Mr. McAndrew's letter today addressed an issue that America needs to move forward. more »»

Beefs with market

April 16, 2015 It’s almost time for the Williamsport Grower's Market and with it comes the controlled monopoly certain vendors have over who is let i. more »»

The rich get richer

April 16, 2015 Did I really just read that the Williamsport Lycoming County Visitors Bureau doled out another $9,000 to Little League International? Now don’t get me wrong – we all love kids and many people like... more »»

Save a life; it may be yours!

April 16, 2015 I have seen this time and time again, and yet I can't try to make a difference unless I voice what needs to be stated. We all need to get to and from in our day to day lives. more »»


April 15, 2015 A parody to the song, “Do you want to know a secret.” Do we want to know a secret? Yes! Yes! Yes! But the country won’t tell you, woah, woah woah! A hand-picked candidate? We just don’t know. more »»

Sell the liquor stores?

April 15, 2015 Whether or not to sell the Pennsylvania liquor stores is a matter of politics. Democrats are more people-oriented and Republicans are more property-oriented and profits follow property. more »»



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