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Ted can't be TrusTed

April 6, 2016 How can the American people trust Ted Cruz and John Kasich when they and all of the candidates forced Donald Trump into signing a pledge to support the candidate who wins the nomination whomever the... more »»

State police services

April 5, 2016 It is long overdue in Pennsylvania: Municipalities, especially larger ones like Loyalsock, should pay a fee for state police services. more »»

Double dipping

April 5, 2016 I was interested in your editorial in the March 29 Sun-Gazette, "Municipalities should have to pay fee for state police services. more »»

You call this closure?

April 5, 2016 After reading the article, dated March 25, 2016, regarding the man missing from South Side, I have some questions that I would like answered and hope to get a response. more »»

Political boyish behavior

April 4, 2016 Here we go again, boys being boys! Recently Trump's wife was shown in a comprising position as a model. Trump had to answer back by showing a photo of Cruz's wife. more »»

National Trump Day

April 4, 2016 Donald Trump's birthday is June14. more than a month before the Republican presidential convention in Cleveland July 18-21. I have a suggestion. Let's declare June 14 of this year "Donald J. more »»

Political discourse discouraging

April 4, 2016 On Wednesday night at a Town Hall Meeting MSNBC's Chris Matthews asked Donald Trump "if you say abortion is murder or a crime, should women be punished? His answer to Matthews was " There should be... more »»

Scalia and the Left

April 3, 2016 Conservatives are dismayed and disappointed by the way the political left have used the occasion of the death of the late Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia, to attack and demean his character an... more »»


April 3, 2016 I question the headlines in the newspaper that read, “Even as gasoline prices rises, drivers will save at the pump.” We are not saving a cent when the price of gasoline is around $2 a gallon. more »»

Trusting Trump?

April 3, 2016 Here is Sam Smith. He’s failed twice in the insurance business, he’s broken his leg four times trying to ski, and he’s an outspoken critic of the airline industry. more »»

What they do

April 3, 2016 It’s odd how a certain thing will jog your memory. Couple days ago, I was sitting in a restaurant in Cambodia having breakfast when I noticed the large cart wheels used for wall decoration. more »»

Clean water value

April 3, 2016 As we prepare to celebrate World Water Day on March 22, it is important to recognize the vital role clean water plays in the functioning of the Earth’s ecosystems and to our economy. more »»

Missing pieces

April 3, 2016 My letter is in response to "Conservatives more tolerant" which was in March 22. I am part of the "baby boomer" generation. My father served in WWII, my husband served in Vietnam in the late '6. more »»

Muncy priorities

April 3, 2016 So, Muncy school administration and school board finds it is time to spend several million dollars on a school with a 20- percent drop in enrollment and graduates, plus maintaining four elementary... more »»

Dear Tyler

April 3, 2016 Dear Tyler Smith of Hughesville. Congratulations on nearing the end of your undergrad education. It must be nice to be so close to the end. more »»


April 2, 2016 Ethics Tony White! Protest! You do realize Trump's supporters are large in numbers? Don't mean to rain on your parade, you wouldn't even be noticed. more »»

Such a joy

April 2, 2016 It was such a joy to see someone from South Williamsport on Wheel of Fortune. This is truly huge news, and I'm sure Heather feels very proud. more »»

Other states doing better

April 2, 2016 Here is what happens when you let non profit’s studies dictate government policy! Is Pennsylvania stupid or corrupt? We just came off of 5-year gas boom 1,000s of wells that individually will... more »»

Texting and walking

April 2, 2016 I don’t need to see texting while walking on television. It happened to me in a super market. Some idiot ran his grocery cart right into my back and my legs. more »»

An answer

April 1, 2016 The March 22 issue of USA Today contained an article about the reason many Muslims are becoming radicalized. more »»



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