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He doesn’t care

August 27, 2016 In regards to letters by Alan Cohick and Charles Ardell in the August 18 edition, I have to say that Donald Trump does not care about you. He does not care about me. He cares about Donald Trump. more »»

Be fair

August 27, 2016 I read the news about Williamsport Mayor Gabe Campana and I could not believe it. His wife put a Protection From Abuse order on him, but he is not yet convicted. more »»


August 26, 2016 I am sick and tired of our government telling us that we should be politically correct toward these so-called minoritie. more »»

Slightly misleading

August 26, 2016 A recent AP article contained in the Sun-Gazette had as its headline, "Skydiver becomes first to jump and land without chute." Luke Aikins accomplished something extremely dangerous. more »»

Liar, Liar

August 26, 2016 They say state Attorney General Katherine Kane lied under oath. Well, the woman who is running for our president did lie and they do nothing about it, but Kane is convicted. more »»

Politics in America

August 25, 2016 I was born two months after the start of the Great Depression so I remember a lot of hardships and different political events our great Country has endured. more »»

Will They Come?

August 24, 2016 I have followed with interest the issue of building a new terminal at the local airport and comments about whether it will increase traffi. more »»

Be aware of psoriasis

August 24, 2016 August is Psoriasis Awareness Month. Psoriasis makes the skin cells grow five times faster than normal which cause a build up of old cells instead of the old cells falling off. more »»

More cult than party

August 24, 2016 Donald Trump is not a Russian spy, and his wife is not an illegal immigrant. The next thing you liberals will be saying the Trumps come down from Mars to take over the country. more »»

‘I was robbed’

August 23, 2016 In every election since 1992, the Democratic Party's nominee has defeated the Republican Party's nominee in Pennsylvania's presidential election. more »»

Tax sale

August 23, 2016 Today’s newspaper has a listing of approximately 392 properties that might be sold for unpaid taxes. more »»

Bad for landlords

August 23, 2016 n Europe, people stay in the same homes for years they fix them up, plant flowers have pride. Here in Williamsport they move like Gypsies. The Williamsport Water Authority policy condones moving. more »»

Keep it private

August 23, 2016 I read about Mayor Campana's wife filing for a PFA order, and then, much to my disgust, the very personal details, which are the business of no one other than the mayor and his wife. more »»

Foreclosure prevention

August 22, 2016 As a non-profit Housing Counselor I would like readers to be aware of two new programs release by The Federal Housing Finance Agency for borrowers that may have their mortgage underwritten by Fannie... more »»

Throwing tax money away

August 22, 2016 Once again there is another article about local County government spending more tax money on the airport terminal. As one of the "Soon to be Dead", i.e. more »»

Are Republicans hypocrites?

August 22, 2016 ]It seems that some Republicans are going against Donald Trump because he calls life the way he sees it. more »»

What city needs

August 21, 2016 This election season has been an educational experience for American voters, who’ve learned that on the national level our democracy is highly imperfect, and not nearly as representative as we’d like. more »»

Evangelicals and Trump

August 21, 2016 No matter who’s running for president, Evangelical Christians always seem to have a problem fully supporting the candidate. As Christians, we want to see the world prospe. more »»

Not sustainable

August 21, 2016 After reading the letter from Dr. David Keller, referring to the Williamsport Area School District that appeared in the Aug 14 Sun Gazette, I would like to reflect upon it. more »»

Prioritize levy

August 21, 2016 On Page 1 of the Wednesday Sun-Gazette there were two articles right next to each other. The first article reported that the City of Williamsport will need $8.6 million to re-certify the levee system. more »»



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