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September 17, 2014 I can't sleep at night!! I don't know whether to worry about ISIL in Syria and Iraq, home grown terrorism, people who buy guns without a background check, or a heroin addict invading my home. more »»

Parents and addicts

September 16, 2014 I have been following the articles this month about drug problem and the interviews you have done so far this month. I don't think I have seen one done with a parent or a recovering drug addict. more »»

Change the mind

September 16, 2014 People need to reach a tipping point when they realize Williamsport neighborhoods are worth preserving. It is not cool to shut up and watch these things happen to your friends. more »»

Shall we try again?

September 16, 2014 ISIS is a terrorist army trying very hard to become a large Terrorist Nation just as Adolf Hitler tried prior to World War II, but the big 3 (U.S. more »»

Protect immigration children

September 16, 2014 America must protect immigration children from other countries. Someone must convince President Obama to protect them from rapists. Do not send them back to the immigration countries. more »»

The Great Gatsby, no, the Great Gaffer

September 16, 2014 The Democrats Vice President Joe Biden – lo and behold he ranted, we will follow ISIS to the gates of hell. Really, Joe, we won’t even follow them over the border into Syria. more »»

American Indian

September 15, 2014 I wonder how president Obama, Eric Holden and Al Sharpton, would response to the American Indian people if they went out and rioted and looted and destroyed property like the African American people... more »»

Lamestream media

September 15, 2014 No one in the lamestream media has anything bad to say about Islam but they will attack Christians all day long. President Obama claims he is a Christian but he never goes to church. more »»

Where is the outrage?

September 15, 2014 Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi is a marine that did two tours of duty in Afghanistan and as a result, he is suffering from PTSD. more »»

Stronger leader needed

September 15, 2014 Everyone knows that President Obama is one of the worst presidents in our nations history. He has destroyed our economy and acts like a dictato. more »»

Goodbye manners

September 14, 2014 At the risk of sounding like an antiquated curmudgeon, today’s young people are the most slovenly, self-entitled, and downright uncouth group of electronic-obsessed zombies (millennial and... more »»

Good story on ruling

September 14, 2014 I commend the Sun-Gazette and Tory Irwin for the detailed and accurate account of Judge Lovecchio’s decision in the Fairfield Township case. more »»

Unfair taxation

September 14, 2014 What property taxes and school taxes are based on in Pennsylvania is not based on a person’s ability to pa. more »»

Health threat

September 14, 2014 I am writing this letter because there is a very serious cold virus going around. I haven't been sick in years but was absolutely blown away by the symptoms of this cold. more »»

Carbon tax

September 14, 2014 Once again, Barack Obama and Harry Reid are promising to levy a carbon tax to combat climate chan. more »»

Obvious agenda

September 14, 2014 I would like to start this letter by applauding Congressman Marino for standing up to career politician, Nancy Pelosi. more »»


September 13, 2014 Kudos to the parties responsible for the gorgeous flower display in and around the TJ Maxx Plaza. It is stunning – a real pleasure to drive through the lot. more »»

It’s about excellence

September 13, 2014 This is in regard to the woman in Blossburg who wrote that she and her friends are "sick and tired" of the Asian teams that are winning the Little League World Series all of the tim. more »»

Special angels

September 13, 2014 Pertaining to our community — when all the time you pick up the paper and you see nothing but politics and crime, drugs and break-ins — that it was such a ray of sunshine to read your articles on... more »»

Name that president

September 12, 2014 What president would go on a Middle East apology tour for America's past transgressions. more »»



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