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Unfair landlords

December 16, 2014 My girlfriend and I are just wondering how landlords are getting away with are getting away with raising rents to astronomical levels when nothing is being done to the properties in question!! Our... more »»

Regarding Eric Garner

December 16, 2014 Sadly, it is no longer a sin to kill a mocking bird. more »»

Black Friday

December 16, 2014 I don’t think the people in Ferguson, Missouri, had much to celebrate on Black Friday. What the vandals didn’t steal, they burned down. These vandals should have been shot on sight. more »»

Interrogation idea

December 16, 2014 With the effectiveness of "enhanced interrogation" methods being questioned, I have an idea: How about just saying pretty please to the terrorists and waterboarding the politicians instead, to make... more »»

Our last hope

December 15, 2014 I remember when I was a kid and my cousin and I used to play in the fallout shelter my uncle built in case the Soviet Union dropped a nuke on us. more »»

No tax increase

December 15, 2014 I want to thank Mayor Campana for fighting to prevent a tax increase. It seems like every level of government is trying to convince us that we can afford more taxe. more »»

Save the soul

December 15, 2014 Save the soul of Williamsport. I say we should make a concerted effort to support local bookstores. more »»

Jimmy Carter

December 15, 2014 Former president, Jimmy Carter, must be feeling really good about himself these days and smiling a lot. more »»


December 14, 2014 I find it downright inhumane when the city council of both Lock Haven and Williamsport has the audacity and impudency to approve a 2. more »»

Unfair editorial

December 14, 2014 I’d like to make a few comments in regard to your editorial of Dec. 3 entitled "Grand jury's ruling sets off misplaced national interest" on the Michael Brown case. more »»

No! No! No!

December 14, 2014 Since when can’t the Recreation Director live on $37,000. A year? Many of us never saw $37,000 a year all through our lives. more »»

A recreational idea

December 14, 2014 I have been tempted to write several times while reading the articles being printed regarding the city recreation director. more »»

Lower air service

December 14, 2014 When I came to Williamsport in 1959 we had three airlines and 12 flights a day to 8 major cities – Boston, Newark, Philadelphia, Washington, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Detroit and Cleveland and upwards of... more »»

Illegitimate protest

December 14, 2014 My heart goes out to any parent who loses a child, be it by accident, illness, or intent. It is not the way life should be when a child precedes their parents in deat. more »»

End property taxes

December 14, 2014 According to the Property Tax Foundation, its share of revenues nationwide has declined from 82 percent in 1902 to 60 percent in 1940 to 35 percent in 2010. more »»

Are you kidding me?

December 13, 2014 When I was 12 years old, and took my hunters safety course, I had to show my card in order to purchase my first hunting license. I would like to assume it still works that way. more »»

Two good letters

December 13, 2014 I read two good letters in this paper that I have been thinking about. One was by Ida Templeton and the other by Eugene Zechman Jr. Ida Temple asks if the USA is headed towards another Civil War. more »»

The Chutzpah Party

December 12, 2014 According to a May, 2014 Gallop poll, 15 percent of American adults say they are supporters of the Tea Party. Ninety percent of Tea Party supporters are white. Seventy-five percent are over 45. more »»

Love it or leave it

December 12, 2014 Christian Americans refuse to bow before the messianic figure of Obama portrayed by the liberal media. more »»

Tax hike

December 11, 2014 Only a government agency and/or the people that controls the landfill would lose money when they have what is essentially a monopol. more »»



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