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Faulty roots

May 29, 2015 From 1938-1975 the House Unamerican Activities Committee (HUAC), led by Republican Joe McCarthy, kept our nation safe from communism. HUAC was brought down by the liberal media. more »»

Unfair blame

May 29, 2015 A writer to your paper recently blamed the president for the dire mess in the Middle East. more »»

Thankful for comments

May 29, 2015 We would like to thank Curly Jett for his letter about who is at fault for the problems in our city. It is the trigger puller that changes so many lives. more »»


May 28, 2015 Traveling on Route 405 toward Milton, I came across crossed a PennDOT truck with a sign on the back. Mowing ahead, there were two men in the truck and a man on a mower. more »»

They have it all wrong

May 28, 2015 To the Montoursville Area School Board: I have for the last three months given you, the school board, facts and figures supporting the reasons why the proposed Option 5 plan is not the plan that is... more »»

The true costs of war

May 28, 2015 The Memorial Day observances always drive home the true costs of war, not only financially, but in the price paid by those fighting the war and their families. more »»

Legalizing medical marijuana

May 27, 2015 I’m all for this future law in Pennsylvania legalizing medical marijuana. I’m desperately in need of this treatmen. more »»

The mayor’s contest

May 27, 2015 Gabe Campana as mayor has done a great job of fighting crime and not increasing taxes. more »»

Changing the world

May 27, 2015 I want the city to be better. I want everyone to be nice to each other and there will be no hurting each other. I want to be like Martin Luther King Jr. because he made the world chang. more »»

Election wake-up call

May 26, 2015 The primary elections in the Montoursville Area School District were a wake-up call for not just the sitting school board, but for all of us. more »»

Hillary fatigue

May 26, 2015 Almost every day in the newspapers or TV, Hillary Clinton! I understand news is news, but somehow lot of us “middle class” people are getting tired of all the wonderful promises she offers! Without... more »»


May 26, 2015 I am tired of hearing that I am a conservative or I am a liberal. They both have the same root problem — sin. more »»

Good job by students

May 25, 2015 As the Executive Director of the American Red Cross in North Central PA (a chapter that serves ten counties) I am writing to express my gratitude and congratulations to the Red Cross Club of the... more »»


May 25, 2015 “Thugs”, some wearing colors, burn and loot while the police stand down in St. Louis and Baltimore. more »»

Let’s think

May 25, 2015 Who let Syria cross the red line? Who is not stopping the slaughter of Christians and other sects? Who is causing millions to be displaced? Who doesn’t stop beheadings and torture? Who pulled out th... more »»


May 24, 2015 I am disturbed at all the opinions and alleged solutions to the shootings in Williamsport. There is only one solution to this issue. The solution lies with the trigger puller. more »»


May 24, 2015 I am writing in rebuttal to political ads that aired on the radio and were mailed to potential voters insinuating that City Council practiced nepotism and made a "back room deal" by voting for Nick... more »»


May 24, 2015 I had a meeting at my home with a land man representing Inflection Energy. My homestead is in Eldred Township. I was excited when I got the call. more »»

Crime, drugs everywhere

May 24, 2015 People do not put a mark against our mayor because remember it was a formal mayor that invited this change to our area from Philadelphia. more »»

Wake up

May 24, 2015 A few years back, while traveling into Williamsport to pick up my grandson at 4:30 a.m. in the morning on order to go deer hunting. more »»



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