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Bankrupt cities

March 10, 2014 Government employees, not the rich, are bankrupting cities. more »»


March 9, 2014 Why should citizens of the United State be granted a year and a half delay in excessive premium increases, as a result of the Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012, which the average citizen will never... more »»

Borough shortcomings

March 9, 2014 Regarding the service and stores and supplies in this town and in South Williamsport — it is a torture chamber for those citizens who do not and cannot drive any great distances these days for... more »»

Short memories

March 9, 2014 Eco-terrorism? What short memories people have! Just 3 years ago Colonel James Powers, head of the Pennsylvania State Office of Homeland Security, was hauled before a Senate committee and reprimanded. more »»

A dark interlude

March 9, 2014 The American dollar is on life support and its prognosis is poor. When discussing this issue with a great deal of people, there does not seem to be much interest in this topic. more »»

Assault on liberty

March 9, 2014 “The receptivity of the great masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. more »»

12-step religion

March 9, 2014 The following courts have ruled that AA/NA are "religious in nature": The New York Court of Appeals; The Second Federal Circuit Court(NY, VT,CT); The Seventh Federal Circuit Court(WI, IN, IL); The... more »»

It’s an honor

March 9, 2014 I recently was watching a very transitional church service about the passing of a touch from one generation to the next. more »»

Going Green, a non sequitur

March 8, 2014 The popular refrain and implication by almost all advertisers wishing to go digital is that cutting fewer trees for paper is synonymous with “going green”. more »»

New math’

March 8, 2014 The AP story on Feb.28 page A-5 reports 348,000 new unemployment applicants for one week, and only 113,000 total new jobs added for the entire mont. more »»

Hardly a menace

March 8, 2014 We have recently heard from many readers about the present and potential effects of the Marcellus shale gas exploitation in our region. This weekend, Sen. more »»

The abyss

March 8, 2014 Williamsport cannot seem to crawl out of the abyss. more »»

Science studies

March 7, 2014 Science is a relentless, objective, pursuit of the truth about our existence. Two forces that should never affect science are religion and politics. more »»


March 7, 2014 Not in my backyard! A cry heard from many communities when it comes to fracking or building the keystone pipeline. There is a new voice in this cry and it comes from Rex Tillerson, the CEO at Exxo. more »»

Real fairness

March 6, 2014 The president’s proposed $10.10 per hour minimum wage for government contract workers was put forth to make things fair and equitable. more »»


March 6, 2014 I have just recently learned that there are Muslim "enclaves" spread across the United States; 22 that we know about. more »»

Good and bad

March 6, 2014 This new rental code has its bad points and its good points. The bad points of it is the people they really need to watch they are not and us hard working citizens of Williamspor. more »»

Olympic cost?

March 5, 2014 My family and I have been watching the Olympics and I’m wondering how much it costs to send our teams and their equipment to compete with the rest of the world? Barbara S. more »»

Constitutional contempt

March 5, 2014 The letter, “Saving Gun Rights,” by William Emick, Feb. 12, is precise and every U.S. citizen needs to heed his message. more »»


March 5, 2014 I said it before. Williamsport School District is greedy! The paper Feb. more »»



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