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Killing our freedom

October 21, 2014 The truth by a local chairman of the people for ethics and morality in government. Really! Your making a charge of ethics? Really? Your organization should be charged with slander. more »»

We were warned

October 21, 2014 One of my most highly prized possessions is an autographed copy of Rush Limbaugh's book "I Told You So." Everything that Rush warned us about 20 years ago is still happening. more »»

Wake up call for voters

October 20, 2014 We hear candidate for governor Tom Wolf saying all he will do if elected. However, he never says how he will come up with the monies. more »»

Seniors and Affordable Care Act

October 20, 2014 I have had an HMO for the past two years. I was satisfied with the monthly premium for my wife and . more »»

City in the money?

October 20, 2014 A new Transit Center building at $9.4 million providing 40 parking spaces equates to $235,000 per parking space. It is nice to know that the city has so much extra cash to throw aroun. more »»


October 20, 2014 In a recent letter to the editor, I found Mr. Goldsmith's comments on the Establishment Clause to be educationa. more »»

Remembering R.A. Walker

October 19, 2014 Not long ago I looked up and spotted Rick Walker as we both crossed West Fourth Street. As usual, he gave me a smile and chuckled at one of my corny “Daily Planet” salutation. more »»

Term Limits

October 19, 2014 entary for the need to have term limits for federal elected officials has been published recently. They even go so far as to applaud the efforts being made by our Rep. Tom Marin. more »»

Choose carefully

October 19, 2014 A midterm election is coming up in just two short weeks. I would ask that everyone choose carefully. more »»

Entertainment in city

October 19, 2014 In regards to the Oktoberfest in the city not being a success, one factor that the weather was bad had a great deal as why it was poorly attend. more »»

The Ebola epidemic

October 19, 2014 The Ebola epidemic has as much to do with poverty, race and politics as it does with viruses. Ebola made its first appearance in a remote village in the Zaire in 197. more »»


October 19, 2014 It's obvious that some of his remarks were "in jest," but much of what the Penn College student featured in your "What's on Your Mind?" feature of October 13 had to say about the Ebola issue... more »»

Failing methane test

October 19, 2014 To date, there are 1,369 gas wells permitted in Lycoming County. more »»


October 19, 2014 Probably few people read a recent letter sarcastically mocking me for an article I wrote on the key differences between the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. more »»

Correct gun points

October 18, 2014 I loved the letter written by William L. Emick on how guns make our country safer. Every good citizen should carry a gun. I cannot imagine how awful it would be if something happened and I forgot i. more »»

Potential disaster

October 18, 2014 After two years the DEP has finally moved forcibly against, EQT Production Company, a major polluter in Tioga County. more »»


October 18, 2014 In the Oct. 8 Sun-Gazette, I was dumbfounded at the ineptness of our State DEP. I cannot fathom how INEPT that agency could be after reading your headline article about an "alleged polluter. more »»

Lights on?

October 18, 2014 I was wondering, did Williamsport taxes go up? While visiting at My friend’s house I noticed the last two home football games most of the field lights were on when I got up the next morning! What a... more »»

A concern

October 17, 2014 As one of the Jewish minority in the Williamsport area, I was extremely pleased that the Sun-Gazette chose to cover the High Holidays this year, not once, but twice. more »»


October 17, 2014 The hypocrisy of politics knows no bounds, as evidenced by state Rep. more »»



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