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‘You’re Not Hitler’

June 3, 2014 If you are ever tempted to compare someone with whom you disagree to Hitler, you might want to remember this little ditty which Brian Sack taught “Hoodie” on Pumpernickel Boulevard: “If you did not... more »»

Is man the cause of climate change?

June 3, 2014 True believers and alarmists now argue the topic of man-made global warming using the term “climate change. more »»

Elections for sale?

June 2, 2014 Cliff Rieders’ recent diatribe regarding campaign contributions was filled with unsupported assumptions, half truths and outright lies that are only hinted at in the official Democrat talking point. more »»

Outrage trigger

June 2, 2014 The outrage today seems to be that our society is getting the idea of thinking all problems can be solved with a gun instead of using common sense. more »»

DUI policing

June 1, 2014 Recently I had a casual conversation with the owner of a commercial building in the historic district that I previously owned. more »»

It all came together

June 1, 2014 This is reference to a private club which was planning a spring dinner dance. Like any club, you put together a committee to plan the event. These kinds of events for any club can be a gamble, i.e. more »»

Somewhat impressed

June 1, 2014 I was somewhat impressed with the headline, “Bases Loaded,” and seeing the architect’s rendition of the proposed new streetscape for the city’s Market Square. more »»

Dear Fracktitious

June 1, 2014 Perhaps we might agree on one issue: The poor road conditions all the boom and boon have left us lucky with in this county? Let’s agree we don’t feel as safe as we once did on some roads around her. more »»

If Reagan were leading

June 1, 2014 A recent letter writer seems to believe that, were President Reagan in charge, this country would have "crushed" Russia for annexing Crime. more »»

Gays legal, still immoral

May 31, 2014 I recently read of the overruling of the Gay Marriage Ban in the state of PA. more »»

Real immigration reform

May 31, 2014 The president wants immigration reform. The Republicans and all Americans want our border secured. more »»

Unions ruin everything

May 30, 2014 I read an article on the web today that stated the postal service is thinking about stopping service to your door. more »»

Assault weapons on demand

May 30, 2014 I am a Christian. And as any and all Christians who dare to call themselves such, I am obviously 100 percent against murder. There is absolutely no wiggle room when reading the teachings of Jesus. more »»

Common stock Americans

May 30, 2014 Are we entitled to an opinion(s) as Americans? What seems to be happening thru our politicians and public media is coercion to believe along a simplistic approved limited acceptable ideology. more »»


May 29, 2014 In the Friday letters there is, what I think is, an ignorant and offensive letter concerning a picture of newly drafted NFL player Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend. more »»

No dissension

May 29, 2014 Manny, Moe, and Tex, the three county commissioners, always vote the same way. In the long term this may be bad for Lycoming County since no other ideas are introduced. more »»

Political – politics

May 28, 2014 Tom Wood has spent $10 million to buy the Democratic nomination for governor or Pennsylvania. Now he’ll no doubt spend another $10 million to buy the governor’s seat. more »»

Why we Relay

May 28, 2014 Why we Relay is a common term you may hear this time of year. With many Relay For Life events taking place over the coming weeks and months ahead, I pondered that question myself. more »»

Judge not

May 28, 2014 Mr. Severs, I may not be the best person to comment on your letter, but, as it says, Judge not, Lest ye be judged. more »»


May 28, 2014 I agree with the letter "Absolutely disgusting". In fact, it was nauseating. The military had it right for many years with don't ask don't tell. more »»



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