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Contrary bill

July 12, 2015 Pennsylvania House Bill 943, the "CARE" Act, is sponsored by Pennsylvania State Representatives Mark Rozzi (D-Temple), W. more »»

Problem solved?

July 12, 2015 There has been much talk and much complaining in the Montoursville Area School District about the proposed projects which would update the high school and Loyalsock Valley Elementary School. more »»

False statement

July 12, 2015 One of the arguments that has been raised frequently in the debate over the proposed severance tax in Pennsylvania is that the state is not being “compensated” for natural gas it own. more »»

The place to be

July 12, 2015 On Sunday June 28th, the Clinton County Fairgrounds was the place to be. more »»

An opportunity

July 12, 2015 One of the more popular comments I read online is that the city should not invest in (insert your favorite) ballpark, arena, river walk, pool, etc.. when all the roads are deplorable. more »»

Budget battle

July 12, 2015 The budget battle in Pennsylvania is getting ridiculous. Both Democrats and Republicans are to blame for the impasse, but some GOP maneuvers have gone overboard. more »»

Become informed

July 12, 2015 In response to Mr. more »»

The best plan

July 12, 2015 In response to Tara Crebs's letter regarding the Montoursville School Board's decision to pursue the demolition and renovations at the high school, before addressing the issues at the Loyalsock... more »»

He said he would do it

July 11, 2015 Barack Obama has lied to the America people about many things but there is one thing he said with truth and candor. He said he was going to fundamentally transform America. He certainly has. more »»

To Gov. Wolf

July 11, 2015 Mr, Governor, you proved to be a true Democrat – get in office by lying, try push for more taxes, give in to the helpless teachers. You have been called on the budget. more »»

Check voter machines

July 11, 2015 The machines we vote on should also print out a paper copy of what we just selected so we can make sure our submissions were not changed. The electronic vote can be counted quickly. more »»

God is still waiting

July 10, 2015 American, God is still waiting. Start trusting in God. For America, you are losing your freedoms, one by one. Your liberal leaders with no backbone are taking you down slowly removing your freedoms. more »»

Not the answer

July 10, 2015 I am responding to the June 25 story entitled, “Police recruitment enters a new era.” “Looking for compassionate” people and recruit is not the answer. more »»

Why? Here’s why

July 9, 2015 I'd like to comment on the terrible shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. Often overheard at a time like this is " why , why., why. more »»

The real heroes

July 9, 2015 Corporate leaders and bosses are almost exclusively portrayed in various art and entertainment forms as cruel or inept dolts. more »»

In disagreement

July 9, 2015 I don’t agree with President Obama with the ruling of the nationwide right to gay marriage. I didn’t see him speaking on the television, but this ruling is wrong. more »»


July 9, 2015 Recently I heard Hillary Clinton say that she has always been a “champion for childre. more »»

Pandora’s Box

July 8, 2015 Pandora's Box has just been thrown completely open, with the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage. Under the opinion that it is peoples right to their own sexual expressio. more »»

The forgotten taxpayer

July 8, 2015 In an 1883 essay, William Graham Sumner, a Yale philosopher, wrote about The Forgotten Man that works, votes and generally prays, but he always pays; and in a 1932 radio address, Franklin D. more »»

Dividing society

July 7, 2015 Along with removing and no longer making or selling the confederate flag, let’s get rid of all the other divisive things. more »»



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