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Directors should resign

May 22, 2016 As former school board directors (including five past presidents) of the Montoursville Area School District, our respect for anyone willing to serve has traditionally led us to offer little criticis... more »»


May 22, 2016 The Williamsport Area School Board is currently considering a plan to appeal certain property assessments. more »»

Fiscal realities

May 22, 2016 Ask any educator anywhere in America: There isn't a school district in the entirety of these United States that has ever had enough money to fund their annual educational and administrative... more »»

Report card

May 22, 2016 A report card from a taxpayer on the newly elected and appointed School Board of the Montoursville Area: Let's wash the mud off them first so that we can see clearly how they performed in their... more »»

Easily duped

May 22, 2016 Regarding the "Balance Missing", letter by H.. more »»

Thank you, I think?

May 22, 2016 I’d like to thank the opposition 6 supporters and especially the present Option 6 board members for getting me voted off the board. Yes, Ron Snell, I was defeated by a gir. more »»


May 21, 2016 Upton Sinclair once observed that "it's hard to get a man to believe something when his salary depends on his not believing it. more »»

Shoot em up Rooms?

May 21, 2016 Great idea and when their in the room shooting-up they can be arrested for possession of a drug and drug paraphernalia if they live that long. And let’s legalize prostitutio. more »»

District of control

May 20, 2016 On a recent business trip to Washington D.C., I had the opportunity to take some time to look around the nation’s capita. more »»

A forced agenda

May 20, 2016 I think that the United States is setting the scene for some outlandish things to come with this whole "gender equality" business. The last time I checked, bathrooms were genital specific, not gender. more »»

A cold chill

May 20, 2016 With the weather becoming more hot and humid, you can wake up sweaty or get sweaty by expending a little effort, but if you take a look at our ongoing election you’ll get a cold chill. more »»

What ever happened?

May 20, 2016 What ever happened to the building the Liberty Group was going to construct right off of the Market Street Bridge? Seemed like a great idea. more »»

A new motto

May 19, 2016 Ok, so every week there's a new bandwagon people jump on. Last week "transgenders in bathrooms" a few weeks ago "women breastfeeding in public. more »»

Well-deserved praise

May 19, 2016 After reading the first of your Sesquicentennial Corner weekly series in the paper on Sunday, I thought well-deserved praise was in order. more »»

The Montoursville remedy

May 19, 2016 I have a message for all of the people living in the area served by the Montoursville Area Schools. more »»

Required reading

May 18, 2016 A letter that appeared in Sunday's edition entitled "Molon Labe" authored by Mr. Jon Smith should be considered required reading for any American who loves our country and it's freedoms. more »»

What if, Tim?

May 18, 2016 In response to your latest rant of "what ifs" in May 16th's edition: If Trump does all this after being elected, I'd say he's a damn good president. more »»


May 17, 2016 Hillary Clinton was asked to name her greatest accomplishment as Secretary of State. more »»

Time to back Trump

May 17, 2016 The GOP establishment needs to put aside their problems and back Donald Trump. Our country cannot take another four years of liberal lunacy. President Obama has nearly destroyed our country. more »»

Gap can’t be healed

May 17, 2016 All presidential candidates are promising to unite Americans, but they fail to tell us what they are going to unite us around. more »»



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