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Looking into souls

December 12, 2015 Is State Attorney General Kathleen Kane guilty of releasing grand jury information illegally that embarrassed her political enemies and later lie about it? Perhaps! But you have to give her credi. more »»

Tax dollars at work

December 12, 2015 When President Obama took office he used our tax dollars to bale out General Motors so they could build a factory in China and make SUVs then sell them back in the United States. more »»

Good letters

December 12, 2015 Paul Goldsmith and Phil Underwood had good letters these past two days. My uncle just bought me a hat from a Donald Trump rally that is camouflage and says make America great again on it. more »»

Wake up call!

December 12, 2015 Wouldn’t you think the attack in Paris, France, where ISIS terrorists killed 120 and wounded 320 would wake President Obama and Democrats up? Prior to the attack in Paris, he went on TV and said ISI... more »»

Police carrying their own

December 11, 2015 If officers were to carry their own professional liability insurance, insurance rates would increase for each misconduct case brought against an officer. more »»

Assault weapons ban

December 11, 2015 Expect a reintroduction of the 1994 Clinton “Assault Weapons Ban. more »»

Truth be told

December 11, 2015 If someone had told me seven years ago the things that would change in America and throughout the world under our president, I would have refuted the individual with a few expletives and then replied. more »»


December 10, 2015 Article I, Section 9 states, “The Migration or Importation of such persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress prior to the Year on... more »»

Three dangers

December 10, 2015 In light of recent events, I am convinced that the top 3 dangers to honest American citizens are: Terrorist, social media and, most importantly, unarmed honest American citizens. more »»

Delightful celebration

December 10, 2015 Anne Reiner’s article about the new playground in Muncy and its placement on the front page was a delightful celebration of the hope and optimism of our community. more »»

Complicated times

December 8, 2015 For the first 100 years of our country's existence, White Anglo Saxon Protestants defined what customs and traditions would be valued in our country. more »»

Why nothing gets done

December 8, 2015 The Democratic Party used to include conservatives. The Republican Party used to include liberal. more »»

Double standard

December 8, 2015 We are told that murderous gunmen and suicide bombers who self-identify as warriors of Islam don’t really represent Islam, but a crazed gunman with a record of offenses and unsociable behavior,... more »»


December 8, 2015 Before the bodies of the defenseless victims in San Bernardino, Calif. were removed from a "gun-free zone" President Obama went on national TV calling for strict gun-control to curb the violence. more »»


December 8, 2015 Once again I am in a quandary. Having watched Fox News and reading our local letters to the editor, I do not feel safe leaving my hous. more »»


December 7, 2015 What a wonderful article that appeared in the Sun-Gazette on Veteran’s Day! I hope this story of the three outstanding students of Pennsylvania College of Technology doesn’t stop them! What a... more »»

Plastics have to go

December 7, 2015 Regarding plastics in food industry — it has to go! People have had blood work done and had plastic in their blood cells. This is idioti. more »»

Duped again

December 6, 2015 Headline read, “City must ante up $500,000 in wrong death suit.” Headline should have read, “Williamsport property taxpayers ante up $500,000 in wrongful death sui. more »»

Remembering thanks

December 6, 2015 Thanksgiving is a holiday of historic significance in our country. Someone has said, “If you’re waiting to win the lottery and you’re an American, quit waiting. You’ve already won. more »»

When does it end?

December 6, 2015 Paris, France, is bombed, Russia has a plane down that has been bombed by ISIS, now they go after the very people we have been trying to get these countries to help stop! Funny, when people who don’... more »»



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