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Temple Owls poetry

September 28, 2015 The Owl and the Mountain Cat went to play, On a beautiful summer sun-lit day, The Cat was sure as many years before, A win for the Cat was surely in store, Off to a hearty lead the Cat did score,... more »»

Worthy resolutions

September 27, 2015 On Sept. 18, 2015, the Pennsylvania Senate by vote of 49 to 0 passed Resolution No. 136 Session of 2015 Printer’s No. 979. more »»

Unemployed demographics

September 27, 2015 In February of this year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were "92.5 million people categorized as not in the labor force the previous month. more »»

A great division

September 27, 2015 After attending a recent seminar on ethics, and engaging in a conversation with the instructor, about ethics in our capitalism society, it inspired me to look deeper into the topic. more »»

How is he wrong?

September 27, 2015 How does he do it? Tim Mannello gets yet another bloviating op-ed piece. Wow! In Sunday's paper, he talks about Donald Trump. Let's see. "He places the blame for everything on our stupid leaders... more »»

Mea Culpa Mendacium

September 27, 2015 Hillary Clinton has a hate-hate relationship with the truth. Virtually every statement she’s ever made has been scrubbed, parsed, and massaged to hide something. more »»

What Gallup poll shows

September 26, 2015 A Gallup Governance poll conducted Sept. 9-12 found that 49 percent of a random sample of 1,025 surveyed believed government posed an immediate threat to rights and freedoms. more »»

Iran deal metaphor

September 26, 2015 In August of 1968, while driving back from the West Coast, I stopped for breakfast at a diner outside of Reno, Nevad. more »»

Grim reminder

September 26, 2015 According to a news article, 20 climate change scientists from several universities and research centers have asked President Obama to prosecute climate change “deniers” under the RICO laws designed... more »»

Not my home

September 26, 2015 I am writing this letter to address a few concerns regarding our federal government ineptitude. First of all, everyone’s concerned about devaluation of the U.S dollar. more »»

Amazing revelation

September 25, 2015 During my over 27 years of involvement in city government, it never occurred to me to fight crime by spending taxpayers money on special uniforms! Robert C. more »»

No country left!

September 25, 2015 Our government is so corrupt and brooked that we good, God-fearing, law-abiding people don’t have a country lef. more »»


September 25, 2015 I’m writing to thank the Sun-Gazette for publishing the article “Opening Up” on August 16th. more »»

Sleaze TV: The View

September 25, 2015 The Queens of Sleaze are at it again, calling Kim Davis, the county clerk from Kentucky, a monster and making fun of her looks. Her only crime was standing up for her beliefs. more »»

For all children

September 24, 2015 To Williamsport, I have been going to the Crosscutters games all summer and notice there seems to be little to no support shown by the African-American familie. more »»

Congressional courtesy

September 24, 2015 I recently attended Congressman Marino’s "senior health fair" you recently helped sponsor at the Pennsdale Fire Hall. I found it helpful and informative and am thankful for his support. more »»

Is pope a Marxist?

September 24, 2015 Together with other conservative commentators, Rush Limbaugh has called Pope Francis a Marxist. Marxists say they are concerned about the poor. So is Pope Franci. more »»

Praising the area

September 23, 2015 Driving around Williamsport this week, I am started to noticing changes. The billboard signs at Third and Hepburn streets now have a small wall with plants around it. This looks so pretty. more »»


September 23, 2015 What a surprise! Another accident at Seventh Avenue and Isabella Street last week on Saturday, Sept. 1. more »»

The real uproar

September 23, 2015 Dennis Feerar and other "big game hunters" (front page "Answering the UPROAR") feign concern for the impoverished of Zimbabwe and other African nations in their attempts to make themselves feel... more »»



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