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July 29, 2016 You can spin the FBI findings backwards, sideways and forward. No matter how you spin it, Hillary Clinton is unfit to be President. In fact, she is unfit to be running for President. more »»

Bike-friendly city

July 28, 2016 A new map of Williamsport and Lycoming County is now available at many locations in Williamsport. more »»

Let negativity cease

July 28, 2016 A year ago, the passing of my mom, Edie Moser, former Watsontown Borough manager, forever changed my life. more »»

One question

July 28, 2016 Just one comment on the two letters in the paper this morning (July 20) from Al Sever and Carl Unger. more »»

Lesser of two evils

July 28, 2016 Just read the letter from William Smedley July 4 and it’s a good one. I agree with him when he says vote for the candidate of choice, and I think I’ve chosen the lesser of two evils, Donald Trum. more »»

Open letter to Gov. Wolf

July 28, 2016 This evening, it was revealed another tax is to be imposed upon cigar smokers! As a cigarette smoker, I take exception to additional taxes on smoking materials. more »»

Have vs. have nots

July 27, 2016 As the amount of time spent in front of a television grows, the difference between the haves and have nots will grow, causing disconten. more »»


July 27, 2016 Perhaps many of your readers would not know that the Williamsport Area High School was selected as having one of the top 100 music programs in the country this year and has been selected for this... more »»

Opinion or fact?

July 27, 2016 I believe many of the problems in our country start at the top and filter down, doesn’t anyone remember hundreds of our congressmen signing a pledge to destroy our president? And brought about all o... more »»

Important dialogue

July 26, 2016 I was glad to see Sunday's "Call to Prayer “get such positive, front-and-center attention in the paper. Unfortunately, you left out an important part of the story. more »»

What can we say anymore?

July 26, 2016 As a patriotic, Christian, American citizen of almost 80 years, it has become truly confusing to me as to how I am now supposed to think, talk, and behave. more »»

Sin taxes for the sinners?

July 26, 2016 Heard on TV news that the new $1 per pack cigarette tax will collect $500 million. Coincidentally, the new Pennsylvania budget gives Jerry Sandusky University $260 million. more »»

The dour mood

July 25, 2016 I read the article entitled: Poll: "In this tumultuous summer, young Americans in a dour mood" and I can only add that "young Americans" aren't the only one. more »»

The Democrat spin

July 25, 2016 Another terror attack. more »»

Questionable priority

July 25, 2016 President Obama made a statement that the greatest challenge facing our country is global warming. more »»

Above the law

July 24, 2016 We Americans just witnessed a prime example of political corruption in this country; an obvious miscarriage of justice. more »»

Support farmers

July 24, 2016 As someone who has been a dairy farmer for more than 63 years, I’m compelled to respond to the recent article, “Local dairy farmers in milk-pricing crisis. more »»

Perpetual prejudice

July 24, 2016 After living in the south for quite awhile, I see that prejudice will never go away. How sad that the police still have bad feelings for the black peopl. more »»

Facts, not Opinion

July 24, 2016 As Republicans have been constantly reminding us, the FBI has been conducting a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton's handling of classified information for months. more »»

Pertinent questions

July 24, 2016 A sequence of questions in the midst of one of the most embarrassing and unsettling presidential election campaigns in the nation's history: What would Franklin Roosevelt have thought of Donald... more »»



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