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Message sent

November 23, 2014 In your editorials of Nov. 6 and 7, you state that a message was sent by the voters. You forgot a few very important details in your bias far right report. more »»

Cops Grant

November 23, 2014 The Williamsport Police Chief applied for a cops grant a few years ago. And 23 Months ago the City of Williamsport received $350,000 in grant money for the police. more »»


November 23, 2014 In Mona Charen's column Nov. 8, she claims liberals want to force employers to hold jobs for women who take years off work to raise their children. more »»

Our reward

November 23, 2014 With the elections all but decided, what did we get? As a Constitutional Conservative, aka Right Wing Extremist, I expected to be let down again…and was rewarded because the politicians are still... more »»


November 23, 2014 I am responding to a letter that expressed concern about EPA’s plan to reduce CO2 emissions, which will result in the shutting down of coal-fired power plants and the hardship for seniors created by... more »»

Cultural stagnation

November 22, 2014 Recently I looked at a map of blue (Democratic/Liberal) and red (Republican/Conservative) areas of the nation. more »»

Higher ground?

November 22, 2014 Now that voters have proven beyond any doubt that they are ready for our nation to change course, who is ready – more importantly, who is able – to lead us safely back to higher ground? In their... more »»

County’s pending tax increase

November 21, 2014 I, for one, think it is time to look to look at how the our county commissioners are spending our tax money. They are planning on raising our rel estate taxes 25 percent. This is no small increas. more »»

Care for the Homeless

November 21, 2014 November is National Homelessness Awareness Month. more »»

Environmental scares

November 21, 2014 I lived in the 20's, the 30's, the 40's and the early 50's. All that time all the homes, businesses, colleges, schools and industry were heated and powered by coal. more »»

A lesson in irony

November 20, 2014 The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is actually proud of the fact it is distributing the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever. more »»

Bad timing

November 20, 2014 Talk about bad timing! This is the time of year when you love to eat turkey and all the food that comes with it. Real bad timing for me because I just hit the doughnut hole for my medicine coverag. more »»

Questioning tax increase

November 20, 2014 Just stop the increase! Why is it needed? Property taxes in Lycoming County are going up! Come on! Stop the stealing of the working poor! The Commissioners already have the gas companies, hotel tax... more »»

Unnecessary division

November 20, 2014 Americans do not need to be divided against each other, but that is exactly what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri. more »»


November 19, 2014 I don't understand what Mr. Wheeland is doing. During the election against Mr. Mirabito, his commercials stated that M. more »»

There’s work to be done!

November 19, 2014 Republicans have the House of Representatives, we just won the Senate, and now we must go to work and put a Republican in the White House. We talked the talk; now we must walk the walk. more »»

Don’t lump

November 18, 2014 Mr. Goldsmith's Nov. 12th letter to editor was a little funny. more »»


November 18, 2014 About the same time the original 13 states were adopting our new Constitution, in the year 1787; Alexander Tyler, professor of history at the University of Edinboro, had this to say about democracy... more »»

We’re not that stupid

November 17, 2014 The principle architect of the Affordable Care Act, MIT professor Jonathan Gruber, released a statement he made at a conference concerning the passage of the ACA: "You can't do it politically ... more »»


November 17, 2014 I was reading this letter a man wrote about how he prays for liberals and atheists. I don't think he needs to be so political about it. more »»



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