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Freedom isn't free

July 8, 2014 This country is losing its soul. We American people have been too submissive and accepted the notion that we should be treated as cattle. more »»

Freedom isn't free

July 8, 2014 This country is losing its soul. We American people have been too submissive and accepted the notion that we should be treated as cattle. more »»


July 7, 2014 That term was one used by the pre-Gen X folks to describe a kid who got everything they wanted from their parents. It seems to me one of those kids now runs the country. more »»

Tone it down

July 6, 2014 Once again Lycoming County will receive $12.2 million with the largest share going to Williamsport and lesser amounts going to municipal and townships governments. more »»

Good people

July 6, 2014 Good people are still around. more »»

Keep searching

July 6, 2014 Recently, in Cleveland, Ohio, there was another police shooting. Two un-armed civilians were killed. A Cleveland policemen was outside his squad, when a man and a woman drove by. more »»


July 6, 2014 Why spend thousands of taxpayer dollars to replace a widely used recreational facility, against the will of the people, with something hardly anyone knows how to play? The excuse the mayor gives for... more »»

Unfair to landlords

July 6, 2014 Landlords are investing tons of money in this town as are the non profits! Except the non profits aren ‘t paying for the fire hose! Landlords are paying 100s of thousands in tax dollars while... more »»

One question

July 5, 2014 "Will you support Harry Reid for Majority leader in the United States Senate in the next Congress?" If they answer YES then All Americans should not vote for them. more »»

Regarding the Redskins

July 4, 2014 The Washington Redskins and the National Football League have the legal right, at least so far, to proudly keep the name “Redskins” as the official name of its Washington franchise. more »»

Grateful customer

July 4, 2014 Thanks to the woman behind me at KFC who paid for dinners. There are some very nice people in the world. Angelo L. more »»

Our borders

July 4, 2014 I am outraged that our president and our congress refuse to do anything to secure our borders and updating our policies for illegal immigrants. more »»

What did Jesus say?

July 3, 2014 I wish to respond to Rev. Letscher’s opinion piece in the Religion section of Saturday’s paper. I am sure that Rev. more »»


July 3, 2014 I am disappointed by City Council’s decision not to help fund CAPPA’s “Summer Counts” program. more »»

Traffic signal slow

July 3, 2014 What I am speaking of is the traffic signal at High Street and Walnut. more »»


July 3, 2014 Liberals make me sick to my stomach. Literally sick. These two liberal neighbors of mine were harassing me about gun control and Obam. more »»

It's only 12 cents a gallon

July 2, 2014 It’s only 12 cents a gallon on gasoline. This is proposed legislation by Federal Senators Chris Murphy D-Conn and Bob Corker R- Tenn; Sun-Gazette, June 19, 2014. more »»

Voter ID facts

July 2, 2014 According to Watchdog. more »»

Made my day!

July 1, 2014 I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the person at Walmart who discovered my handbag in the shopping cart outside the store. more »»

An environmental cleanup fund

July 1, 2014 When the hard coal mining industry went defunct, it left behind abandoned breakers, huge culm banks, poisoned waterways, scarred landscapes and other environmental issues that had to be cleaned up b... more »»



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