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Flood proposal unfair

September 9, 2016 Regarding the Aug. 28 editorial, it was suggested a good option to fix the levee system in Williamsport would be to apply for state or federal funds. I pay state and federal taxes. more »»

Memory lapses

September 8, 2016 It would seem that during her FBI interview, Hillary Clinton couldn’t remember anything that occurred during her time as Secretary of State. more »»


September 8, 2016 It was with great pride that we read the Aug. 12 article on Project Impact at SCI Munc. more »»

Women, be careful

September 4, 2016 I would like to appeal to women of the Sun-Gazette readership to consider seriously the choice before us in a few months. The option is here to finally elect a woman as a president of the countr. more »»

Home invasions

September 4, 2016 Following my reading of the letter written by Paul Rinker, Montoursville, it seems important to write to you again. The recent incidence of home invasions in our area concerns me. more »»

Transparency needed

September 4, 2016 The FBI has questioned people like Bernie Madoff, Leona Helmsley, John Gotti, O.J. Simpson and Hillary Clinton. Only one of them studied, practiced and taught law. more »»


September 4, 2016 find it very disgusting and a waste of taxpayers money when our governor visits Williamsport to award state funds to create 20 Centers of Excellence across the state, to the tune of $20. more »»

Bloody little boys

September 4, 2016 On TV we have seen a dead baby washed up on the shore and a five year old stunned boy wiping the blood from his face. more »»

Mom was right

September 4, 2016 I just saw the latest never Trump ad showing KKK leaders and other white supremacist groups pledging support and showing admiration for Donald Trum. more »»

Credit due

September 4, 2016 After reading the Sun- Gazettes article this morning regarding Williamsport Welcomes the World, I have to get something off of my chest. more »»

A shame

September 3, 2016 As the greatest nation on Earth, comprised of millions of people, I find it a shame that our presumptive candidates for president are reduced to the two choices being endorsed. more »»

Excellent article

September 3, 2016 Excellent article about a very deserving gentleman, Bill Bynam, in Sunday’s newspaper. But not word one about his wife, Nellie. Boooooo.! Carl S. more »»

A Series reminder

September 3, 2016 Each year the Little League World Series offers something inspiring, although it's not always on the field of play. more »»

Income tax returns

September 3, 2016 Talk show commentators say Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton should produce their income tax returns. I agre. more »»

Clean the toilets

September 2, 2016 In response to the latest letter by Tim Mannello, anyone who reads this paper knows how you feel about Donald Trump. However, someone needs to clean the toilets in Washington, D.C. more »»

Wonderful article

September 2, 2016 Thank you, Jon Gerardi, for a wonderful article regarding my father Sal Rosato. more »»

Too much attention

September 2, 2016 Too much attention, I believe, is being given to which presidential candidate is the least hones. more »»

Unwanted changes

September 1, 2016 Gun control: Check out the party that the shooters belonged to, Democrat or Republican? Vote for party that keeps freedoms. more »»


September 1, 2016 It’s annoying when the computers shut down in airports, everything stops. Nobody can write anymore. Everyone uses computers at work. God forbid if everything shuts down. What a world we have become. more »»

Beautiful creatures

September 1, 2016 Recently I observed several Monarch butterflies flitting from flower to flower in my back yar. more »»



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