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The fix is in

July 11, 2016 As I stated in an earlier letter, the Clintons are above the la. more »»


July 10, 2016 As the presidential contest continues, there are a number of Million Dollar questions that are being asked and need to be answered, as to the status relative to candidate Clinton being investigated... more »»

Information needed

July 10, 2016 In the June 24th edition there was yet another article describing the overcrowding in the Lycoming County Priso. more »»

Under attack

July 10, 2016 AIDS Resource and a neighboring AIDS-service organization, Caring Communities for AIDS, are facing an unprecedented attack. more »»

Our rights, all wrong?

July 10, 2016 Once again the members of the U.S. Senate have come to an impasse. The parties, each had their own ideas of how to counter the mass murder / terrorism problem. more »»

Obama’s goal

July 10, 2016 President Obama's goal was the transformation of our republic into an oligarchy so he and a select group of elitists could rule the nation by executive decrees. more »»

Agency harmed

July 10, 2016 I am a resident of Loyalsock Township (Williamsport), a professor of health science at Lock Haven University and a long-time volunteer for AIDS Resource, Inc. more »»

Get ready

July 10, 2016 C'mon folks; Let's get ready. The next president of the U.S. will soon be elected. It will probably be a Democrat or a Republican as they are the two largest political parties. more »»

What a crock!

July 10, 2016 Our fine government giving Social Security recipients a measly fraction of a dime increas. more »»

Two good letters

July 9, 2016 There were two really good letters in this pape recently that I have been thinking a lot about. The first one by Ida M. Temple shows how Obama hates America. more »»

Homeland terrorism?

July 9, 2016 Very recently In Columbia County, after forensic conformation of child’s testimony and therapeutic evidence confirmed sexual abuse perpetrated on a child by a parent, family court sentenced a child... more »»

Rocking robin

July 8, 2016 Nest building material has been cleaned off my front porch every other day. A robin determined to have her young keeps coming back. It would appear to me that this is my first in 81 years. more »»

Heaven help us!

July 8, 2016 Heaven help us! Did we just not mourn the terrorist attack in Orlando? Who could not help but feel the pain on all he mothers’ faces. more »»

Doggy Doo

July 8, 2016 While in Wildwood, N.J., I observed something that impressed me. A blind man was being guided through a gravel surfaced parking lot by his service dog. more »»

Think about it

July 7, 2016 I always thought that telling the truth and doing hard and cooperative work with your own people are very good virtues to possess. more »»

In response

July 7, 2016 As I write this, I’m very positive that many others will agree with m. more »»


July 6, 2016 We have finally arrived in the United States where nothing we say is right, where nothing we hear is true, where whatever we think is not politically correct. more »»

Parallel beliefs

July 6, 2016 Analyses’ printed in the New York Times and elsewhere of the reasons voters chose Brexit, or Britain leaving the European Union, is interesting. more »»

Equal information

July 6, 2016 With all the efforts of Democrats wanting to pass anti-gun laws, that bad guys simply will not obey, I have a suggestion that could possibly curb another mass shootin. more »»

Temper tantrum

July 5, 2016 President Obama's bunch is trying for more gun control. He already showed us that when the government control the guns they give or sell them to the Mexican drug cartel. more »»



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