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A Series reminder

September 3, 2016 Each year the Little League World Series offers something inspiring, although it's not always on the field of play. more »»

Income tax returns

September 3, 2016 Talk show commentators say Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton should produce their income tax returns. I agre. more »»

Clean the toilets

September 2, 2016 In response to the latest letter by Tim Mannello, anyone who reads this paper knows how you feel about Donald Trump. However, someone needs to clean the toilets in Washington, D.C. more »»

Wonderful article

September 2, 2016 Thank you, Jon Gerardi, for a wonderful article regarding my father Sal Rosato. more »»

Too much attention

September 2, 2016 Too much attention, I believe, is being given to which presidential candidate is the least hones. more »»

Unwanted changes

September 1, 2016 Gun control: Check out the party that the shooters belonged to, Democrat or Republican? Vote for party that keeps freedoms. more »»


September 1, 2016 It’s annoying when the computers shut down in airports, everything stops. Nobody can write anymore. Everyone uses computers at work. God forbid if everything shuts down. What a world we have become. more »»

Beautiful creatures

September 1, 2016 Recently I observed several Monarch butterflies flitting from flower to flower in my back yar. more »»


September 1, 2016 I just got done reading this mornings paper (Aug 26) and I cannot believe Hillary Clinton is claiming Donald Trump is helping the radicals. more »»

Injustice to readers

August 31, 2016 After moving to the Williamsport area from the Lehigh Valley, I noticed the editorials are ultra conservative. more »»

Different results

August 31, 2016 I cannot understand why so many people are following that Clinton person who is running for president; so quickly some forget. more »»

Good police work

August 31, 2016 I’m writing this letter to recognize the Montoursville State Department in the handling of the home invasion of our mother on Aug. 5. more »»

Hard times

August 31, 2016 It doesn’t matter who gets elected to be president of the United States, we are all in trouble. We are going to see a lot of hard time. more »»

Walking on eggshells

August 30, 2016 As usual, it appears the local media and city officials are walking on eggshells around the mayor. more »»

Protection overturned

August 30, 2016 I am writing about the media field day with the mayor's home problem. For years women have put up with all kinds of abuse and not been believed by police or anyone else. more »»

Help appreciated

August 30, 2016 I continue to read letters penned by Tim Mannello espousing his negative opinion of Donald Trump and his worship of Hillary Clinton. more »»

School district bathrooms

August 30, 2016 Do you want your child or grandchild sharing a restroom with a transgender? If not, you better call your congressman now. President Obama put out an administrative guidance to all schools in the U.S. more »»

When you vote

August 29, 2016 Most people dream of winning the lottery. Many people buy tickets hoping to win the jackpot of their dreams. more »»

What’s at stake

August 29, 2016 Gun Owners, if your neighbor was a congenital liar, crooked, unscrupulous, and assumed he was above the law, would you trust him with your semi-automatic rifle used for sport and home defense? Then... more »»

Lies and more lies

August 28, 2016 I want to thank Ryan Workman for his crystal clear letter regarding Mr. Khan's use of his son's valiant death in Iraq to promote Hillary Clinton's nomination. I did not know that M. more »»



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