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To Obama’s people

December 30, 2012

To the people who voted for Obama: He does not support the Constitution of the United States. He went to a church for 20 years where the minister preached hatred of the United States....

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Dec-31-12 7:14 AM

It doesn't matter who the president is. Our taxes always go up, this time around, to my understanding they're also doing away with the Child Earned Income Tax Credit, which helps many middle class and poverty level families, they continue to cut jobs. Our Country right now is in ruins and there is no easy fix.

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Dec-31-12 7:17 AM

The right is drunk again as well as in denial. Heck it was announced Romney really did not want to run for President. I guess the right really did not want Romney to win after all.

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Dec-31-12 8:39 AM

Never once did Romney state that he was going to take away a woman's right to choose, only to not provide tax-payer provided free birth control which is still wrong. Reeder is a pathetic individual who is demented. You and your twisted leftwing dingbats won the war, but are responsible for destroying this country. Hang on while we go over the fiscal cliff today and Obama can blame Repubs. He is so arrogant. Then he will come back later this week and save the day and pass tax "cuts" for the middle class. What a lie.

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Dec-31-12 10:07 AM

"z39 you are a sucker to believe that. You bought the lie that was fed to you by the lying media that Romney was against women and gays. What a joke." - Darlin


Absolutely!! Ol' Mittens admitted his wife told him all-ABOUT present-day women...and, Gays? He doesn't even KNOW any Gays!!! (Well...except, maybe, Ralph Reed.)

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Dec-31-12 10:15 AM

"It doesn't matter who the president is. Our taxes always go up...

Our Country right now is in ruins and there is no easy fix." - wwhickok


Gee...I thought capitali$m/increased-profits were supposed to cure ALL our "ills"??!!!

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Dec-31-12 10:21 AM

"Never once did Romney state that he was going to take away a woman's right to choose..." - Darlin


True! He "just" kinda chuckled...every time "conservatives"/T-Baggers had one o' their insanity-episodes.

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Dec-31-12 10:43 AM

To Frank Wilson's people:

You should be aware that Frank is watching WAY too much Fox "News", and more than likely listening to WAY too much right wing hate radio. It's turning his brain to mush, and its about time for an intervention.

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Dec-31-12 1:06 PM

To MY peeps, we are going to turn PA10 blue in 2014.

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Jan-01-13 6:06 AM

JohnZook - 8:34 AM

"Ah, the "Obama phone people" who "keep Obama in president" have commented again."

I AM A CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN, but my comments are based on fact.


The free phone business was a product of the FCC and the FCC alone.

When are people going to start checking facts before running their mouths?

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Jan-01-13 5:03 PM

Frank, Where did you get your information that alcohol as a fuel source is "very hard on all machinery"? Not true. It's been known from the early 1900s that alcohol runs cooler, has a higher octane rating and burns cleaner than gasoline. It is true that it has less energy content than gasoline, but by the same token, diesel fuel has more energy content than gasoline and we still use gasoline as fuel. Because of the way alcohol burns when mixed with gasoline (10%) there is oftentimes an increase in power and mileage. There have been reports of problems with alcohol attacking some rubber fuel lines and gaskets, but that is easily remedied. I own cars from the 50s, 60s and 70s that all burn alcohol blend fuels with no ill effects whatsoever. Do your homework.

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Jan-02-13 3:28 PM

Really, I read all of the posts from this letter and I can't believe there are so many idiots in this country. Tell me one thing Obama has done for you, other than you z3932z, I guess he is doing right by you gays, but really, tell me one thing he has done right? Please, tell me! Bravo to the party who wrote this letter because you were reading my mind and I could have added oh so much more but just like the posts read, you are preaching to a bunch of morons! Hope you all enjoy the next 4 years..oh, thats right, probably most of you do not work for a living, then I can see why you would be all for Obama!

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Jan-05-13 4:15 PM

This letter is wacky enough to be one of those dimwitted opinions on Newswatch 16 'Talk Back'!

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